I Think I Have Ppd Please Comment

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Mommiex20803 - October 24

Okay so i really need some help feeling better or something.....well i have a 3 year old son and a 3 month old son....and right now i dont know if its because im feeling overwhelmed...just fatigued because i have mast_tis (in both br___ts ugh!) or if its indeed postpartum depression....but lately i dont mean to but my 3 year old kinda doesnt get my whole attention...but since we live so close to grandma we usually spend the day at her house while daddy is at work... but since nobody wants to deal with a screaming 3 month old..they pass the baby to me which means i cant have that quality time with my older child...which kills me! and honestly ive been feeling "down" lately...but what made me really hit the wall is the fact that my 3 year old today said he wanted to stay at grandmas house (which isnt a big suprise..he loves grandma) and i told him well why dont you come home with mommy and me, you and kaden (my 3 month old) , and daddy spend some time together...and he said no...and i asked why...and he said "its okay you have kaden"...which made me really realize that he feels like i choose the baby over him..which i dont but its hard when NO one helps you with the baby except your husband but he works all the time...ugh! but i dont know ive been feeling pretty down lately...like somedays i dont even want to get out of bed...and honestly even sometimes i want nothing to do with my kids...(but when i feel like that i ALWAYS make sure someone is there to make sure they are safe...whether it be my husband or grandparents..) and it seems like lately ive been really stressing out and i get annoyed quickly...ugh! i dont know what to do...what are some ways for me to get rid of this feeling?....i just need opinions...i hate feeling like this! i love my family to death and i would never change it for the world! is this postpartum depression?...alright well thanks! and please no rude comments


MNMOM - October 25

mommie - I feel your pain and often I feel the same way, I have a 4 yr old and a 4 month old and I work full time, it is really hard. Everything you are feeling is normal and you should not feel ashamed. It does sound to me like you may have some ppd, but I am not a dr, but as a fellow mom I would really encourage you to talk to your dr and consider trying some antidepressants to help you feel better. Also, can you talk to grandma and see if she would be willing to take the baby for a few hours so that you can have some one-on-one time with your older son? Maybe take him to a park or on a picnic or something special for just the two of you, even if it means playing together at home while you leave the baby with granda....it is crucial for you and for your other son that you have some time to do this. Hang in there! there are many other moms around here in the same boat. Let us know how you are doing!


Mommiex20803 - October 25

MNMOM im glad to hear someone understands....man i couldnt imagine trying to do all this AND working full time! the one little thing i forgot to add was that i have indeed already got anti-depressant medicine..paxil i think is the name...im just scared to take it...i guess because my doctor told me i'd get moodier before i get happier...(i love how doctors put it lol)...anyways i might take some tonight...he told me to take it in the mornings but on the label it says it causes drowsiness...umm when does this doctor think im gonna be able to put a nap in between taking care of a 3 month old and a 3 year old...H.A.H.A. anyways yeah she might be able to...or maybe even his mother (nana)...i guess its normal to feel as if you were the only one experiencing this when in fact many many are...but i feel alone because nobody around me understands my cries for help....like i mean i tell whoever that ive been really sad lately and honestly think im getting ppd...and that person will be like..."oh another illness?..your lying.." or be like "well your a mom...you just need to get over it!"...UGH i hate it when people dont understand...and plus another reason i feel alone is because i never at all felt this way with my son...i went through so much sh*t back before and when he was born...and never once had feelings like this....ughh! well anyways...thanks so much for posting! you dont know how much better it makes me feel...


MNMOM - October 25

mommie-Try the antidepressant, and just know that getting tired and moody from it is only temporary until your body adjusts. Continue to find family or friends that will LISTEN to you, it will help. If you can't find some support you always have me :) Hang in there, you sound like a really really wonderful mother - you are doing a great job just by loving and taking care of your children, give yourself some credit, you should be proud that you are raising two wonderful and beautiful kids.


Mommiex20803 - October 28

Hey MNMOM thanks again..you made me smile...yeah im still worried about the antidepressants...i called the pharmcist about it (to double check to see if it was safe for b___stfeeding) she told me that on the "pregnancy scale" its a 'D' which means that it should be taken is only medically needed...AND there ARE risks...which scares me..but she told me that...that is indeed the pregnancy scale and b___stfeeding may be different so i needed to talk to my ob/gyn...and my baby's doctor...so tomorrow im gonna call them..hmm so how have you been?


MNMOM - October 29

Hey Mommie - nice to hear from you, keep me posted on how you are doing. I think sometimes us moms just need to be reminded that we really are doing a great job. You can do it, try to stay positive and take it one day at a time and maybe even find a counselor to talk to if you need someone to listen to you. Just look at your beautiful children and know that they love you and appreciate all you do to take care of them :) My boys are great, thanks for asking. More later, it is my bedtime :)


Mommiex20803 - November 4

Hey MNMOM sorry i havent posted back in awhile...its been crazy! anyways yeah being told im doing a great job really does give me a lot more motivation to do extra stuff...whatever that might be...but lately ive been feeling really down or something but i havent been motivated to do anything! like clean (i do some here and there not as much as i used to)...help my husband with whatever he may need help with....in otherwords whatever it takes to be a wife and mother...ive been doing only half of it...it bothers me deep inside where i feel like a bad mom and wife but something inside makes me shrug it off and say 'F' it...i mean i feel bad because my husband is a very hard working man and he shouldnt have to take on more responsiblities because i feel down but what do i do to feel more motivated?? i dont know! anyways sorry that im constantly complaining to you...its just nice to be able to talk to a fellow mom who doesnt criticize(sp..sorry im tired i can barely think..let alone type lol)...hope all is well!


MNMOM - November 5

mommie-I know how you feel, I have felt the exact same before, doing "just enough" or only "what it takes" and even that is a challenge. Remember to give yourself a break...you are exhausted and still have hormones out of whack :) Have you tried the antidepressant yet? I really encourage you to do so, and remember that it doesn't have to be for forever. Please consider it if you haven't already started it, I really think it could help you.



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