In Laws Smoke So I Don T Want To Visit Cruel

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rachael childs - December 1

Hi All, Ok I have abit of a situation here. My In-laws Smoke, so I don't want to visit them with my baby, because when we used to visit them, we used to come out stinking of cigerettes! and i'm sure yr agree its horrible (if u don't smoke yrself)! but they are being really funny about it and saying well why should we change?! yet there being funny that we wont visit them, and are also upset that they don't see their grandson! but Ive said they can come to us! Am I being out of order? I beleive that especially with the new law of not smoking in public places, that my son has no reason to be around smoking atmospheres! and being in that atmosphere isn't it one of the cot dealth warnings?!!?!?! please help x


spamanda - December 1

NO, you are absolutely right. You aren't keeping the baby from your in-laws, you are asking them to come to YOUR house (presumably smoke-free). They are being ridiculous if they are upset by this. My mother-in-law smokes like a chimney. My husband told her she needed to change her shirt before she could hold the baby. And we made her come to us, or to neutral ground. Her apartment stinks like cigarette smoke, too. Make sure your husband is on your side, and maybe get him to talk to his parents. Good grandparents won't take it out on the new babe. Good luck! ~spam


rachael childs - December 2

Thanks Spamanda, great advise. My hubby is going to talk to her tomorrow. He is on my side, but also feels torn between us! ;0( My argument is that, i've invited them round to ours! which is only a 5 minute drive, so they have no excuse whatsoever!. thanks ;0)


HeatherIsHopeful - December 2

hey Rachel... I recently went to visit my inlaws for thanksgiving, Im was 10 weeks pregnant at the time im at 12weeks one day now, anyway my inlaws were fine but we were staying at my husbands grandmothers house and she smokes... It bothered me that I had to stay in the house for a week with all that smoke so I went out side a lot and tried to stay away from it as much as I could.. It was the first time I had met his family so I didn't know that it would be like that or I would have told DH to get a hotel or something.. I don't think you are out of line at all... family members should accommodate to the needs of your child... if they willingly damage their bodies thats their business but they should be respectful to your wishes of not wanting you LO to be around that!


Krissy25 - December 2

Ah in-laws, don't ya just love em. ;)


coco797 - December 7

Rachael, I don't think you're out of order or unreasonabe at all. I'm 36 weeks pregnant right now and my dh and in-laws smoke. We currently live at their house, but no one will smoke in the same room I'm in. Hubby said that even though he smokes, he doesn't want our dd growing up knowing the smell of cigarettes, especially at a young age. He and his parents have agreed to make an extra effort to quit in the new year since I'm due 1/3/08. And if they just can't quit, they have all agreed that there is NO smoking in the house once she's here. your in-laws should be thinking of their grandson, not themselves!


Jordan B. - December 17

Good grandparents put the needs of the child above the wants of themselves, the way I see it. My future in-laws all smoke, but they also have tiny grandchildren and avoid smoking in the house when they visit. Now if I can just get to work on their son lol.



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