Is Anyone Looking Into An IUD

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cors1wfe - January 31

I will be having my 3rd baby in July and I was wondering how many of you postpartum moms will be gettting an IUD once you are done nursing? I was considering a tubal ligation but I think I like the idea of an IUD better - my doctor was telling me about one that lasts for 10 years once it's placed - that seems pretty good to me.....thanks for your input


Krissy25 - January 31

Actually from what i have heard it can be placed while you are b___stfeeding. I'm doing the mini-pill now. I know it is not as effective as an iud but i figure we will eventually try for #2 so if it happens sooner than we expected that is ok, but after #2 i think it is somthing i might consider.


cors1wfe - January 31

Thank you so much!


izechsmama - February 3

Cors1wfe, i got the Mirena IUD placed 6 weeks after my first son was born... we didnt think we wanted anymore for awhile.. so i got that put in.. and i also was b___stfeeding.. and their where no complications with that... but after about 9 months of having it in, i started to get ovarian cysts.. and after only 11 months of having it, i had to have it removed because the last cyst they found was the size of a baseball... i hadnt had any problems like this before the IUD was placed... also after only 11 months it had partially embedded and it took two tries to get it out... it was kinda scary for me at the time... because they had to mention surgery to remove it.. and everything.. but by the time my son had turned a year.. i wanted to start trying for another, i wouldn't have had it taken out, but since i had to have it removed.. it worked out okay.... but i just thought i'd let you know my expierences.... it would have been a great investment.. had i not had to have it removed... i paid over a 1000.00 for it and it was supposed to last for 5 years... and i only got 11 months out of it... so just be careful to ask your obgyn about possible side effects, so you can take that into consideration! good luck!


Alicia_26 - February 7

I have a copper IUD which is good for ten years. I am really happy with it especially because it means no hormones for my son who is b___st feeding, Insertion is a little uncomfortable and I cramp alittle more during periods but not bad. Best pART IS as soon as it is out you can get pregnant. This is also the cheapest form of birth control if you use it for two or three years,


MrsShelton217 - February 7

I have the Mirena (good for 5 years, and can have it removed sooner if you want) I am currently b___stfeeding. It's 100% safe to feed. As someone else said, its VERY expensive. It cost me about $1800.00 (w/ placement fees and eveyrthing else. My insurance doesn't cover it) The only thing about it... there is such a small chance of pregnany, that i probably shouldnt worry... but since I have not had a period in over a year, each month I still wonder. I know I am still ovulating, so each month I take a test to make sure I am not. Blah


spamanda - February 11

My mirena was covered by my insurance, so you should check before you get one. I got it at 8 weeks postpartum, and b___stfed for over a year. I've had it about 15 months now and I LOVE it. We knew we wanted to wait over a year for baby #2 and there was no way I'd have been able to remember to take the mini pill when DS was an infant. Hope you find something that works for you. ~spam


cors1wfe - February 12

Thank you - I didn't get that many answers right away and thought I'd check back - I have to check if my insurance will cover it - I know we are done I just don't want to resort to surgery since I am so young. I appreciate input on Mirena I have seen the commercials for it


Iamamiracleangel - February 17

Cors-I was actually thinking of having an IUD done because I had a really high risk pregnancy, I can't take BC pills or anything that has a high risk of blood clots due to having 2 blood clots with my very first pregnancy. I need to look up more stuff on it, but I'm seriously considering it as well.


mshanson - March 9

Yes, the Mirena IUD can be inserted 6 weeks PP. They last 5 years. It's the copper ones that can last for 10 years, however they cause heavy periods and cramps, whereas the Mirena over time normally eliminate your periods. I got one inserted when my son was 6 months old because I couldn't remember to take my pill to save my life! So far really like it. My Blue Cross (Canadian) covered it so it was only $80 for me, and lasts for 5 years. No contest! Definately cheaper than the pill.



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