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newmommy - October 17

I currently have 2 little ones. One is 21 months and the other is 8 weeks old. At first I thought maybe I had the baby blues but everything I read suggests this hits in the first week or two. I was doing incrediable well until about a week ago when I was at home alone and suddenly started panicking that I would do something crazy like shoot myself...funny thing is that I don't feel suicidial at all. I think this was just a panic attack as I had no other thoughts such as overdosing. I am causing myself anxiety everyday just waiting to see if this reoccurs and so far it hasn't although I haven't been my chipper self and I am a little on edge lately. Has anyone had anything similiar and if so what kind of treatment was used. I am considering calling dr. and going on treatment because this attack scared me so bad, the last thing I want is to commit suicide but not sure where this though stemmed from so I am a little worried.


me - October 17

one of the signs of ppd is panic attacks and thoughts of suicide even if you don't mean to follow through on them. you need to call your doctor right away, or a depression hotline. do you have family in the area that you can talk to? best wishes


devi0us - October 19

I definitely relate,when it first hit me i remen\mber not feeling stressed or anything it just hit me and I had a thought of harming myself also although I wasnt suicidal either. it was wierd and freaked me out and it stemmed alot of other crazy thoughts i knew i would never do,and i felt scared pretty much everyday after that.turned out it had ppd and anxiety disorder suposably it happens after a stressful time wether good or bad. you should definitely talk to someone and dont worry your not crazy! cause thats what i felt like i thought i was losing my mind and theyd lock me up forever,turns out its quite common and therapists arent shocked by it at all!



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