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...... - August 14

well im 17 and my son is 9 months old.....and my boyfriend is also 17...we dont live together...but i dont know if im being stupid or what...but im feeling pretty stressed out all the time...because taking care of our son is all on me...and when he can (whenever he has a day off work that he can come over USUALLY he does) he'll come over....but since i got pregnant...a lot of my friends are his good friends....and he doesnt want me hanging out with alone or just chilling somewhere...if he isnt there...and personally i dont want to chill with them either....but yeah and i have been getting really jealous lately since he can still go out and hang with his friends and he can do all this stuff without worrying about the baby...or having to take care of him all the time....i mean i just feel like im paying for what we did...if you know what i mean....and i mean sometimes i get really angry at him...i really dont mean to its just i feel like i got to be super mom..and i cant go and actually have time to myself....and im still in school so i have pressures with that....i mean i dont know what to do...i have already tried talking to him...i mean i love him to death and i know he tries to be there when he can....i dont i being wrong when i get jealous of him being able to chill with his friends or whatever?...i mean i feel like im doing something bad....i dont know...sorry if this is all scrammbled up...just kind of typing as i i being wrong?...what should i do?....hmm....i would appriciate if something helped me... :/


Jennifer - August 17

No, you are not being wrong at all. I would completely feel the same way. But it sounds to me that he is acting like most typical 17 year old boys would. He needs to step up and be a man and start taking care of his kid. I feel for you I really do, but this kind of thing seems to happen a lot these days to mothers and even fathers. I guess you can't really force him to help. The only thing you can force him to do is pay child support but Im sure your looking for more than that. You probably want your child to have a father, not a play mate when he has time. Just try talking to him again. Other than that I dont know what else to tell, but I do wish the best for you and your baby! :)


Alisha - September 2

As a young new mommy myself I understand, Im 21 and have a 7 month old. You need some time to yourself, to get out have some harmless fun, relax. This is needed to keep sanity. As far as your boyfriend is concerned... yeah I know he is only 17, but he is a father now and needs to grow up and take responsibility. And remember, he is your boyfriend not your boss. You can hang with whomever you want. Show him how to care for the baby in case you are not around. Then when he knows, put him on baby duty and go have a day with the girls.



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