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EricaLynn - February 24

I am thinking about getting the mirena (sp?) IUD. I was just wondering if anyone had one? What is your experience? Do you love it / hate it? I just want some real womens insite on it before I make a decision.


Lala - February 24

Make sure to do your research. IUD's disrupt the uterine lining so that if by a small chance fertilization does occur, it ends the pregnancy by inhibiting implantation. Many birth controls do this, and I don't think women research them out; and docs don't tell us. Birth control is a personal discion.


momma3tobe - February 26

I had the 5 year Mirena, it was great for 3 years, low hormones and no periods. But in June of last year I started getting repeated uterine infections and had to have it removed. I have spoken with several women since who have had similar experiences with the IUD. My primary care doctor (not my OB who tried to sell me on the IUD ) said he would not recommend getting one and prompted me to have mine removed even before I got the secong uterine infection..so I don't know if I will be getting another one after this baby. Hope this helps, goodluck deciding.


Laurabb4 - February 26

I have it. 2nd time using it. I had it between child 3 and 4 for 1 year. had it removed. Then after 4th baby had placed again. I love no periods! No complications.


EricaLynn - February 27

Thanks ladies! I want to get it, but would like more info on it if anyone else has it. Does anyone remember how much it costs? (in US) I know it is alot but I never got a number, anymore help would be apriciated!


Carressa - April 9

I had an Mirena IUD put in about a year after I had my 3rd child. I bled for 7 months straight after I got it. I have been advised to have it taken out as soon as possible. I have heard from my doctors office that a lot of women are having problems with these IUDs. I would never get one again.


Carressa - April 9

It costs about 500.00 here in the us.


sagekelli - April 14

my paragard iud was about 400 but insurance covered it.



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