Large Babies With Progesterone Unofficial Study

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potter-nut - April 8

I'm wondering if there is a correlation between taking Progesterone supplements and having a larger baby. I had two children of average birth weight (average is considered 7 pounds) without progesterone supplements, then a third with progesterone supplements during the pregnancy and the baby was nearly 10 pounds! The progesterone was the only real difference in the pregnancies. So, any of you out there who have taken progesterone supplements (preferably the natural pill form, not the creams or synthetic pills), I want to know, if you had a term baby (at least 38 weeks), how big was your baby at birth? I especially want to hear from moms who had both progesterone and non-progesterone pregnancies like mine, for comparison. Thanks for your help!


babeedust2all - April 8

Potter-Nut, I had two babies where I used progesterone supplements until 12 weeks, and delivered a 5 lb 5 oz baby the first time, and a 5 lb 7oz. baby the second time. I hope this helps!


jenna32 - April 21

I never had any of those suuplements and had a 9 lb 13 oz baby!I think 90% of it has to do with genetics! If your mom or your partners mom had big babies,chances are you will to. My cousin is so tiny and she just had a 8 lbs 5 oz baby boy!


csws347 - September 3

I had weekly progesterone shots during my pregnancy and my daughter was 8 pounds, but that's average or just a little above. She was 21 inches, but still nothing too far out of the ordinary. Sometimes the more pregnancies you have, the bigger the babies get.


Gherbst - September 22

I used Progesterone suppositories for my 3rd child and she was 6 pounds when she was delivered 6 weeks early.  My other 2 were very average sizes at birth and still are at 17 and 14.  She is now 7 and has always been off the charts for height and weight.   Neither myself or my husband are tall - we are very average as well.

I also have wondered about the connection between large children and progesterone.  In addition, my daughter has early pubic and underarm hair growth.  Curious if others have had any similar issues?



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