Medicine For Depression

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Cassie - August 19

I was just put on Paxel CR today for post partom depression, and my doctor didn't explain very many after effects of taking the medicine. Does anyone else know any major problems with that medicine?


cindy - August 19

I was on paxil for depression and anxiety.....out of all of them it works the best, i had no side affects....believe me you feel so much better.


Cat - October 1

I took Paxil and while it is a good drug I became completely unable to have an orgasm within a week. It doesn have s_xual side effects I think more so in men than women but be aware that is a possibility. Give it 6 weeks and if something is intolerable try another (zoloft, wellbutrin etc.) Sometimes it takes trying several to find the right one. But when you do you will feel SO much better.


jen - March 21

I am too being treated for post pardum depression. I am on effexor and I feel that its work well, unless I miss one. I was on paxil a few years ago for general depression. I pesonally HATE paxil I was very addicted, It was so hard to get off of them, there a s_xual side effects. I didn't have an orgasim for a year and if I missed a pill I would feel so sick and even loose all my sense of balance. But I guess it works for some. Be careful with taking them and get help to go off of them when the time is right. what are your signs of depression? good luck. take care of you and your baby...


Trina - July 28

Don't take Paxil period. You'll wind up addicted, zombie like, and flat-out poisoned. You're putting money into the richest pockets of the world while they effortlessly accomplish their initial goal: population deterioration AND control. Look elsewhere to heal, try natural remedies (check online) and resources and you'll be much safer & happy in the long run. Trust me on this. Doesn't hurt to spend a few minutes looking up the real truth behind antidepressants such as Paxil, this will really open your eyes. I won't even see my doctor anymore since the last time I went to him he opened the conversation by offering me a prescription when I had NEVER even mentioned becoming depressed, etc. Almost makes me think there's a commission involved with the millions of prescriptions that are filled each year for this garbage.



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