Mirena IUD

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AliChild - October 11

I have two questions about the Mirena... the first one is, i had the IUD put in a week ago, I started my period the day I had it put in, and before this my periods lasted 4 days max... well I am still bleeding pretty steadily, lightly but still steadily... Is this normal and how long will it go on? I am so sick already of it. 2, I read in the little pamphlet thing that the doctor gave me that it says that the Mirena is not right for you if you have more than one s_xual partner, or if your partner has more than one partner... I was just wondering why? I have one partner and that is my fiancee, but i had never read this about anyother birth control and was just wondering what made the Mirena different?


MNMOM - October 11

I can't help you regarding the period issue, but the s_xual partner thing is because the IUD does not protect against STDs.


spamanda - October 13

I've had the Mirena for almost a year. I bled on and off for the first couple months (I had it put in about 8 weeks pp). I still have random bleeding, it means I wear a pantiliner every day. This is TMI, but mostly I just notice it when I'm wiping after peeing, lol. I was b___stfeeding, and before I conceived my son I was VERY irregular, so it's hard for me to tell how much of this is from the Mirena, and how much is from b___stfeeding (I just quit about a month ago) or just my general irregularities. I just went in for my annual, and my doc told me that some "lucky" women experience spotting the whole time they have the mirena. I'd give it a few more months, personally.... but if you don't like it, for goodness sakes take it out. MNMom is right about the multiple partners thing, I think it says that on most bc pill packets too. Good luck with your IUD, personally my dh and i just love it, but like any other bc it has to be right for YOU. ~spam


AliChild - October 15

spamanda, how on earth can you stand to wear a pantiliner everyday?! i've had my IUD in for almost 2 weeks and the bleeding is already driving me nuts... I dont think i could handle much more... I was really irregular before my son too, i'd go anywhere from 3 to 6 months without a period, and I dont ovulate the way most women do either, so I am not sure what is going to happen. this is my first period in 21/2 years, and I had 2 kids in that time frame. I cant remember to take a pill everyday, and i've heard way too many horror stories about the patch, besides i liked being irregular, i'm not in a hurry to have a period every month ;), but besides these 3 do you know of any other birth control? besides having my tubes tied? I want one more, so that's out of the question right now.... and thank you both, MNMom, for the STD info. I suspected that that is what they meant, but I wasn't sure. and I"m not b___st feeding anymore.. I stopped before I had the IUD put in. I dunno I guess I'm just nervous about the bleeding. This is probably TMI but i just get really embarra__sed when my DH and I are done having s_x and he is bloody, i just want to die... anyway. ya round about way, but thanks.


spamanda - October 15

AliChild -- well if you've only had it two weeks, i suspect you are still bleeding heavily. We don't notice any bleeding DURING s_x.... I spot the day after, usually. The pantiliner isn't a big deal for me, i don't even notice it anymore. And like i said, most of the time I don't actually bleed onto my panties.... it's just when I wipe. Lol i realize this it TOTALLY TMI, sorry... but that's the best way I can describe it. Also, my discharge is slightly pink sometimes. As for any other bc that works well.... I don't really have any suggestions. I have a lot of friends on the ring, and they like it. That might be something you could try. It's also more reversable than the iud, in that you can just take it out and stop using it. Good luck, hope you find something that works for you! ~spam


silencingtearsofhope - November 2

I bled fairly steadily for about 3 months after I got my Mirena put in at 8 weeks. It was driving me crazy and I was about ready to take it out when it suddenly stopped. Now I have some slight bleeding maybe once every three to four weeks when I should get a period and it only lasts for maybe two days at the most. it was hard waiting thru the constant bleeding but I'm glad I did.


AliChild - November 4

Wow, that makes me feel so much better!! I was getting ready to take it out but that makes me feel better that it will probably stop after a while. another question i have, I get random pains in my uterus, kinda by my hip, and it'll feel like i'm being stabbed over and over then it'll suddenly stop. then i'll ache after a bit. do you know what's up?



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