More Concerned About Postpartum Then Delivery

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piratesmermaid - June 25

Hi,ya'll. This is my first pregnancy and I'm sure my opinion will change after labor and delievery, but I'm still really nervous, almost to the point of scared of enduring the (on average) 6 week postpartum period. I'm one of those people that get really self-conscious about the smallest things, so I'm worried about all the gross stuff, ya know like the weakened urethral muscles and rectal muscles and the giant pads that you can see through your pants and leaking on everything I sit or lay down on. I'm worried about my extreme embaressment at the situation and I'm scared that my husband won't want to have anything to do with me because I'll be so gross and disgusting. (Though I have talked to him about that and he understands that this is all part of having a baby and not to worry about it.) But I still worry! I'm scared that my periods are going to become heavier after the baby is born (my mom's did) and that I won't be able to control them and basically it all comes down to, I'm scared I'll be just so gross that I won't be able to handle it or regular life for a while. Has anyone else felt this way? How irrational is this concern? Is there anything I can do to not feel this way?


starr - June 25

It seems like your concerns are pretty extreme.I just gave birth to my 3rd baby on june 16 and the bleeding is just like a normal period for me.Now I know everyone is different but you shouldn't expect the worse.I have no problems with weakened urethral or rectal muscles and the pads are not that bad.I only used those huge ones while I was in the hosp.then I used regular pads at home.Like u said, u will probably see things differently after your delivery, but your worries right now are way over the top.And you may be closer to norm way before your 6 wks is over.My baby is only 9 days old, and besides light bleeding ,it seems like I gave birth at least 3 or 4 wks ago.Good Luck with your delivery.


2StarsOnMyBack - June 25

Please, plesee do not a__sume that you will suffer all that after the birth of your baby! I had that exact same fear and everything came out fine. Just have faith and also remember that if you do happen to suffer from weakened sphincters or urethral muscles, I am sure that either or all that will eventually go away or can be treated. Good luck with the birth of your baby!!! Don't worry your little head. ;)


piratesmermaid - June 26

Thank you for your advice! Both of you. I guess I figure if I expect the worse and it's not THAT bad, then it'll be easier to handle. I just need to not worry about it until the time comes, I suppose. And it's nice to know that someone else had the same fear, 2StarsOnMyBack! I know they're extreme, and I wish that I didn't worry about that stuff at all. I just gotta have faith!!! :)


krista-lee - June 26

i only bled heavily the day after delivery in the hospital. it wasnt too bad, its been 2 weeks 4 days and im only bleeding like its the last day of my period, its really light. my boyfriend has no problem with it, he actually had to change the absorbant sheet they had under me cause i bled through it and hes only 17. im sure they understand its a natural thing and you cant help it. also, if your period gets too heavy you can talk to yuor doctor and go on a birth control pill that will help it


piratesmermaid - June 28

That's encouraging that the really heavy bleeding doesn't last as long as I originally thought! I was joking with my husband the other day when we were in WalMart, saying that "Always" needed to make "postpartum" pads, even thicker and more absorbant that "overnight". I bet they'd make a pretty penny from'em. ;)



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