My Body After The Delivery Of Baby

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harsha bal - April 2

what are the changes which i should expect in my body?will i be able to have my tucked up tummy again or will it sag down?bleeding is present for how many days after delivery?


Jane - October 5

I think I read you can bleed/have discharge up to 6 wks but it changes colour during the 6 wks.Eg from red to lighter or different colour. try pelvic floor exercises for the tummy as well as swimming.


KM - January 9

well, i only bled for a week. but it is true that you can for up to 6 wks, and it does decrease and change color. I ould fit into my normal jeans 2 wks after, but he is now 7 wks old and I still have a little belly, which im going to go to the gym to lose.your linea nigra will still be there for about 6 mnths.if ur not b___stfeeding your nipples will gradually get lighter and takes approx. 3 wks I think for ur milk to dry up if not BFing.


courtney - March 19

my naval was out during my pregnancy it's been two months since i've had my baby. will my naval ever go back in?


jen - March 21

I had a baby 6 months ago. the bleeding took 6 weeks for me as far as my body, it hasn't returned I still am carrying an extra 45 lbs and cant loose it yet. You can get a tuck but it does go firm by it's self. Excersice. good luck


Summer - April 14

i had my baby a year ago, but since i had her i've had constant fluttering in my uterus. today it was extremely noticeable like a child kicking. i don't believe i'm pregnant because i haven't had any symptoms, no missed period, and 3 negative pregnancy tests. has anyone else experienced this feeling? am i just being paranoid?


Brittany - June 21

I didn't gain much in my pregnancy so after having my son, my body went back to normal after a week. I bled for 9 weeks after delivery but that could have been because my son was born 6 weeks early. Also, I noticed that I'm so active right now feeding the baby, changing, bathing, laundry, stroller walks, etc. that I lost all the baby weight including weight before the baby.


Anna - June 25

I had a baby 2 years ago and I am so disgusted by my body what steps can I take to get my old body back?


Jenna - July 9

I think the tummy depends on how much weight you gain. If you gain the recommended 25-35lbs you should be able to get back to pregnancy or pretty close. If you go crazy and gain 60+lbs like some women do you may never be the same without surgery. Exercise and stay healthy and eat good stuff while pregnant and not junk and you should be fine. I bled for about 2wks after the baby was born.


Ashley - July 10

Its been three months for me and I was really tiny pre-pregnancy. Now, I'm at a good weight but my tummy is still big... I look at least 5 months pregnant! Its just horrible! Strangers are constantly asking me how far along I am.


[email protected] - July 17

I have a one and a half month old son and a two year old girl. After I had my daughter I am almost immediately started having severe cramping with no bleeding or spotting. I went to a DR. and he said after reviewing an ultrasound that my uterine walls were literally growing thicker. My uterine walls were 11 cm thick when the average woman's measure only 5-6 cms thick. I had to have a D&c done to correct the situation. With the birth of my son, who was born on 5-26-05, I stopped bleeding about a week to two weeks after a v____al delivery with an epidural. But now I am worried becuase I am getting the severe cramping and am losing bloody mucous but am not actually bleeding. Has anyone been through something similar? I have a DR.s appointment in August but was hoping to find someone to talk to about it. ALso with the results of my D&C were no evidence of endometriosis or pre-cancerous or cancerous cells or any abnormal growth. I would appreciate being able to talk to someone about this....THank-you.


kelly - July 26

my baby is 17 weeks i still have a saggy belly and 1 stone heavier than before i had her but you can hide this no one knows its there but me and my partner. I only bleed for 2 weeks and havent had a period since.


anonymos - July 27

hi..yes ur belly might sag a little bit after haveing a baby mine did but theres always ways to work it off mom has had 5 kids and she has always returned to her normal body no sag or anything but everyones body is differnt


ashlee - October 23

well i just had a baby and ur tummy well it depends on ur body some ppl yes and some ppl no mine saged but u can always workout and make it go away it takes some time ..and ur period its not a couple days i wish its about 6 weeks


Shannon - November 3

nine days after delivery today and my tummy sags and i'm still bleeding a bit. hoping bleeding stops soon and crunches take care of the sag (crossing fingers).


C - November 4

This question is hard to answer because it would be different for every person. I bled for 4 weeks and haven't bleed since. My son is now 6 months. I still need to lose 10 more pounds but my belly is a lot larger than it used to be. I think if I started to exercise and lost more weight it'll be flat/flatter. Just try not to gain too much weight and stay active. I have been using the excuse that I have no time but in all actuality I'm just exhausted from working full time and taking care of a new baby. I have faith my body will be back in another few months.


cole0843 - December 12

I Had My Son On Nov 3 2008 And I'am Still Bleed I Wont To No Is It Normal For A Woman To Bleed This Long After Haveing A Baby



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