No Shower Baths After Delivery Of Baby For A MONTH

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Amy_mommy - May 25

alright, i know this sounds disgusting but as a chinese, i was taught not to take shower or baths after you delievery for a whole MONTH! reason??? we believe that showering can swollen the body & make u fat & showering causes arthritis in the future. we eat certain foods such as stew chicken, pork chops & all foods must be put w/ wine. i went through this process & it really helps. I have less back pains & went back to my original weight... if anyone wants to follow these, ( i know it sound sickening) but if you want to, it's up to you........just sharing with you folks!


Amy_mommy - May 25

oh yeah, i delivered 6 weeks ago


starr - May 25

Just curious.How are you supposed to keep yourself clean?I know that my grandmother who is now in her late 80's says that they had to wait a month before they could wash their hair or shower.Supposedly that was to keep them from somehow getting sick so they had to wait until they had healed, I don't know, but I don't think that I could follow that.Please share how you're supposed to keep yourself clean after the delivery with all the bleeding and blood clots and everything. Good luck.


Amy_mommy - May 26

starr: u are right, no shower & no washing hair. i did the same, too. well, i kept myself clean by squirting warm water in my v____a area & pat dry with damped clothe. after 2 weeks, i take a towel & wipe my whole body.......


2Bamom - May 26

How can that work for b___st feeding? Every meal with wine?


Amy_mommy - May 27

a little wine doesn't hurt when b___stfeeding........


lcstange77 - June 1

Cooking with wine (or beer), the alchohol is cooked off. I don't believe the residual alcohol is enough to affect even the smallest, most fragile baby.


2Bamom - June 10

I thought she meant a gla__s to drink with every meal. I know a gla__s here and there is harmless. BTW I gained 45 while preg and have lost 30 10 days post partum. Showers included.



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