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dont know anymore.... - October 5

okay well....right now im just UNBELIEABLY(sp) stressed out!!...i have a 10 month old son and boy is he a handful!!...i love him to death though....but recently he fell off the bed and hurt himself really bad....so im really trying to have him not fall down...well at least not hurt himself....but honestly just everything...im 17 and a senior...and i mean with schoolwork and everything im just so stressed out...i cant do homework what so freakin ever...but teachers get on my case like im any other student...im honeslty failing like almost all my classes...and mostly the ones i NEED to graduate.....i go home to my mom being stressed out....my boyfriend works a lot (he does try to come help as much as he can)....i barely have anyone to talk to but when i do try...they act like they want me to be perfect and have nothing wrong because im a mom...."supermom" is what they call me....but honestly im just going out of my mind....i have NO time for myself....i can understand that with being a mom but i mean i dont even have time to just take a breath...without someone telling me to watch my son....im getting into a lot of arguements with my mom....i get really jealous if my boyfriend goes to one of his friends houses or just sits at home doing nothing...i mean i cant just sit there and do nothing!! i really dont know what to do anymore...i wanna give up....i love my son...i love my boyfriend....but i mean i dont know what to do...i try to get my grades up but i never can....i mean come on...who has an F in like a lot of classes in the first few months of school??!!even people who dont care are getting better grades....i dont know....i mean i just need to see what you guys think i should do to try to take some stress off....OH and if i try to go out for the day like without baby.....i cant enjoy myself because im constantly thinking about him.....i cant relax because im like i wonder what he is doing and all that stuff....but if someone could PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me!! before i say F*$#* it...i would really appriciate it!! sorry if this is at all confusing....please no rude comments!!


hh - October 6

How in the heck we gonna help u? What u have in mind?


dont know anymore.... - October 6

well you could help and give me ideas on how to not be so stressed out and just things like that....


Carol - October 7

Hi, honey. I'm a much older mommy than you. I'm almost 40 and have a 3 year old and a 4 year old. I came on this website, because I'm actually trying to decide whether or not to have another baby. (Insert giggle in my direction here). Seriously, here are the things you're doing right. First, you're still in school. Very important - not just for your future, but for your baby's future. That little baby will one day be an older child. Here's a cool thing. You're so young, that you will not only enjoy (and have energy - even if it doesn't feel like it now) to run around and play with your older child, who you can be mommy first, but also a friend to, later. Cool, huh? Let me also tell you this . . . Eventually, sooner than you think, your little one will suddenly be able to do things for himself - little things that don't seem like much, but will ease the pressure you're feeling. Things like washing his own hands, putting on his own pull-up (that's right, it's not diapers forever), and walking alongside you instead of your carrying him with your purse and groceries, or whatever. Here's another thing I want to say. God loves you. He loves you and your son so very much. God says in the bible that being a parent is a very important job. You are young, and I get that. I'm not preaching, either. It's hard, even when you're old as dirt like me, to be a mommy. But, you know, it's the most important job on earth. I want you to know that I am personally praying for you every day, starting now. Please try your best to find the strength to finish school. You are already someone your son looks up to. You can be proud of yourself just for being you, and you can be proud of yourself for being a mommy. A lot of people might say that you have to give up your life to be a mommy. Well, it can feel like that sometimes. But, in some ways, as a woman, your life or 'ident_ty' can be found in motherhood. It's not the only thing you are, but it is a very important part of WHO you are. God smiles on you, and is only a prayer away. You don't have to pray fancy, just simply " Gee, God, help me today, please. I want to be a good mommy, but I'm a teenager. I also want to finish school, and have a life. Please show me your will to do both well." God bless you. Jesus love you, and so do I. You're doing a good thing. Sometimes, the most rewarding things are the things we struggle with at first. You will never be sorry you had this beautiful boy. Don't misunderstand me . . . I occasionally wonder what the heck am I doing, and why won't these little people leave me alone. And yet, they complete me, and I can't imagine my life without them. It's such hard work, but little bitty kisses and smiles make up for a lot of whiney "Why can't you spend 24/7 with me" little people fussy c___p. We probably did it to our moms, too. Thank God they hung in there. There's light at the end of your tunnel. I'm praying for you. I hope that you'll tell me one day it's all making sense. Smooches and hugs from Jesus (and me!) Love, Carol a.k.a. Oldest mom in town. :)


Lisa - October 12

I hope you've learned the value of birth control.


tc - October 14

Boy some people are so rude. I dont knwo how to help you either but all i know is if you hang in there and study hard Like at night when the baby is sleeping. You will make it you are a good person just for keeping your baby and trying to raise it. Look at it this way at least you get to go out without baby even if you cant stop thinking about him. And you said your bf tries to help out it could be alot wrost just think about it. I never get to go out im 24 and have a four year old, a 20month old and a brand new baby. Its hard but i wouldnt give them up for the world. Well sorry if this dont help much but good luck and try to relax.


dont know anymore.... - October 15

well thanks to everyone that posted something NICE!! i really appricated it!! and now to lisa....now why the hell did you have to put something like that?? cant you read?? i put *please no rude comments!!* you need to go on somewhere!! i love my son and i honestly wouldnt have it any other way!! my son is my life and so is my boyfriend!! even though i am stressed out i do realize i am a lot luckier than some girls who get pregnant and the boyfriends dont stay around.....so lisa just shut the f*&k up and go on some where!!! :)


Lory - October 16

hey girl...hang in there. It sounds like you've hit a rough time, but look at how far you've come! Don't stop now!! You won't be able to get anywhere (as far as a career) without your high school education! You've made it 10 mos. plus the time you were pregnant, and it sounds like you're doin' pretty great to me. I'm only 20 years old and 30 wks pregnant with my 1st. My husband and I got married in May and he already has two kids! I'm 20 yrs old with a 9 and a 11 year old!LOL My hubby is 27. I definately know how it feels to be stressed out and feeling like you have no time for yourself. But, just keep up the hard work and finish school. Better times are ahead, but only if you prepare for them now! Good luck to you!


devious - October 19

oh how i understand what you are going through, you should be very proud of yourself for at least staying in school oh how i wish that i did! I had my first at 15 and i now have a 15 month old and a 2 month old and im only 24 so i do have my hands ful and yes it is extremely hard!! but i wish i would have been able to get my diploma,luckily i have a great guy to help me but yes it is tough.You are an inspiration to young mothers...stay strong!!


dont know anymore.... - October 21

aww thanks!! devious thank you for putting "You are an inspiration to young mothers...stay strong!!" it made me feel really good, well right now im still trying very hard but some things are working out for me...but thanks for posting, you and lory!! :)


to "don't know anymore" - December 3

I would love it if you'd go to the teen forum & also post this there. There are so many 13 year olds who are desperate to have a baby, it's a little eerie. Maybe if they saw this, they'd rethink it. Good luck with raising your son. Hope you fall more into the swing of things.


karine - December 5

Do i ever know hoe you feel. iam 22 (23in2months) and iam pregnant with baby number3. LAST ONE lol. eventhough they were all planned, it was still hard, and even today i feel somtimes like i will lose it LOL my son is a fullhand too, and i may not have all those school work to do,but i do have all the "wife choires LOL" house choires, cooking, laundry, i bring in a little money by babysitting so its more there, my hubby works 40hrs/week. I do about 25-30hrs/weekbabysitting. And somtimes, when i feel like i cant take it anymore, i put a movie on for my kdis and i put them in their room and lock the dooor (they have toys/vcr/tv in there) and i leave em 1hours. that one hour means the hole world to me, it allows me to take my breath and relax, and other times when i know i need to do alot more (washing floors and more) i put lots of bubbles in the tube and i put them kids in the bath (they love it, and they dont realize i do it for a break LOL) i can do that as my bath is kind of in the kitchen so its still allows me to watch and hear what they do LOL. try to put your son in bed by 7:00-7:30pm. it might be hard at first, but let him cry, youll see itll take a couple of days maybe a week and hell get into that routine really quick, and him going down that early will let you work on your school stuff. try to find stuff to occupy him, during the times you have things to do. when he gets a little older, youll be able to manage better, but until then make a good routine. time for naps/nightdodo/playtime with mommy/going to park/bath. ecerera if you need to talk more, iam open to help you. here is my msn [email protected]


Meredith - January 7

When your baby is so young it is so stressful, I was running a store when my youngest was born, and all the way up until a few weeks ago. My 2 year old looks so big next to my tiny infant, and I cant believe I miss her being tiny too. It is sooooo hard in the begining, but pretty soon those tiny babies yet bigger, and they need you a little less. When you are having a especially hard time, just remind yourself that it is not going to be like this forever. And on the bright side of being such a young mother, you will be younger when they move out! If your child was born when you were 16, you will only be 34 when he turns 18, that rocks!



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