One Baby After The Other

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evae777 - March 5

has anyone gotten pregnant again soon after giving birth to their first?? If so, did your body have mercy on you? DH and I are talking about trying to keep our children close together in age difference, but I haven't even lost all of my pregnancy pounds yet & worrying that getting pregnant again may just destroy my body... anyone been through this??


alirenee86 - March 12

evae- so glad you're thinking about_t!! I know you've responded to me in regard to me getting pregnant RIGHT away. They'll be 10 months apart. My body has had mercy on me. I never really gained any weight outside of my belly though with the first so the only thing I feel is out of shape on me is my stomach, which is just going to get big again. If you know you want more, why wait just to be that much older? The weight and exercise and getting in shape later if you really want, can certainly happen. I feel great!


evae777 - March 18

alirenee, i dont think we are going to do it! it's been frustrating enough around here. my place is so messy and i am a neat freak so its driving me crazy,then dh comes home from work and is irritable because he doesnt have that 30 minutes to relax and unwind! yeh... i doubt i will be giving him another one for a while! how are you doing??


alirenee86 - March 21

Oh, sorry to hear that evae...I know it's super frustrationig with the house and all. I'm a super clean neat freak too and it gets overwhelming sometimes, though I make the time and stay on top of it somehow. I'm doing great. Overwhelmed a bit thinking about the labor again but only cause I just went through it. I was so oblivious as to what to expect the first time that I was just confident and so determined. Now that I know what to expect, I know I can handle it but I know what to expect! I know it's going to hurt like hell again and I wish I was just oblivious again! I'm excited to find out what we're having...we find out in about 6-7 weeks.


alirenee86 - March 21

But there's no rush either'll konw when you feel ready again. You might feel it in a year from now or more which isn't that long really. Mine happens to be back to back and is what it is so we're looking at every bright side of it! It's a blessing. But waiting a year or 2 or 3 is great and you might feel more prepared and relaxed about it.


evae777 - March 21

alirenee, off the topic but do you know if it is normal to spot? I am b___stfeeding, pumping full time and on the minipill, been spotting for almost 3 weeks now, it has become a nuisance. i'd rather just have a period and get it over with! i feel like i just cant catch a break its either being pregnant, recovering, or recovered and now spotting !


alirenee86 - March 21

I think its normal. My friend had a baby 3 weeks after me and her first period and she went back on the pill also (though not b___stfeeding) and spotted very lightly for like a day. I was different. I got a full b__wn, way heavier than normal period almost exactly 28 days after I had him. I wouldn't worry about that at all unless you feel something else is wrong.


yumymumy - March 30

i waited, and i wish i didnt now i look back, the age gap between my boy and this boy im pregnant with will be 3yrs 1 month... i could of had 2 babies one after another, dealt with the weight and then after i was done i could focus on my weight loss.... now i had a son, worked hard to get back to where i was.... only to fall pregnant and do it all over again!!!! lol i dunno i just hope i have confused my body in doing that.


evae777 - March 31

does anyone know how that works? a friend of mine thinks it is better to get it out of the way so the body can just recover once. but i would imagine if getting pregnant 2 times in a row that our body would just get used to being in that state that it may not be as resilient?? anyone know? i have a belly pouch that im not able to get rid of and i am almost 3 months post partum. it doesn't bug me all too much but still!! it's flab!


Krissy25 - March 31

EVae, i have heard that it is important to get back down to your prepregnancy weight before you get pregnant again, unfortunatly i can't remember why that is so important. I can see why some women want to get all that out of the way and i do think there are benefits to having kids close together but to me it seems so exausting. My dd is almost 8 months and I don't know maybe it's me but the thought of being pregnant again and caring for my daughter wears me out.


Anathi - April 1

I'm also suspecting something might be happening (+bfp) but I'm only 3months postpartum and had given birth with c-section and worried if this is it Could anything wrong happen like tearing as the stomach gets big ? If not when is the right time to think about conception after a c-section?


alirenee86 - April 1

I'm not sure about after a c-section, Anathi. I'm having back to back pregnancies. Never expected it to happen this way but at 31 years old, I think I'm way better off doing all the diaper changing and bottle feeding, etc. while I'm in the swing of it rather than waiting a few years and doing it all again only to be a bit older, and I'm in great shape and it's tiring! I think even with a c-section, as long as you're healthy and you feel good, it's fine to try to coneive again. I think our bodies are smarter than we are and they know how to handle it. I feel great through this pregnancy so far and I'm now 14 weeks. They'll be 10 months apart.



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