One Month Old And Pregnant Again

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kayla_shauntel_05 - July 2

Well, my baby is 1 month and 1 week old. I have not had a period and have completely stopped bleeding from my delivery. Me and my hubby have had s_x a few times, and I am worried I am pregnant again. I woke up the last few mornings very nauseated and have been sick to my stomach lately too. I have had some cramping, but no period. Can I already be pregnant again? How far along would I be? BTW.......I begged my doctor to let me have birtch control at my two week appointment and he look at the situation I am in..........I was afraid this would happen


Mommy - July 2

You could be pregnant again. I had horrible morning sickness with both my kids, and I had them one right after another. Do you think the cramping can be your period coming on at all? But if you are pregnant again, I'll tell you it's hard, but only very hard for the first few months you have them both. It gets way easier once you can sleep again. I'm not sure when you can test without having your period back...maybe if you don't get it in another month, take a test. Hope everything works out for you.


kayla_shauntel_05 - July 2

I only cramped for a few days, one day it was HORRIBLE, and now nothing. I just wake up nauseated every morning. I am freaking out. I have an appointment the 19th, they will give me a pregancy test then so I can start taking birth control if I am not pregnant. I just knew I was the first time, and I have that feeling again. I found out when I was 4 and a half weeks last time, so I think I will just wait until my appointment. I am so scared, I don't think I can handle an infant and being pregnant! I was soooooooooooo sick last time.


JLO - July 6

you could be pregnant. i asked my doc for birth control too but he told me to wait until my postpartum appoinment which is usually at six weeks. he said that is why it is usually recommended to wait six weeks becuase you can get pregnant and your body is not ready for all the hormones of birth control. Also, I have not had a period and my daughter is almost five months old. It is because i am breasfeeding, are you that could be why you feel this way i have had all of those reactions because of my bf. just a thought, good luck, tell us what happens!


kayla_shauntel_05 - July 7

Well, I finally started my period. * I think* I have had very light, spotty bleeding for 3 days. I used to have very heavy periods, but this is different. I am not sure what to think yet. I am waiting to see how many days I do this, and if it gets any heavier. If it still seems kind of weird, I am going to call my doctor and ask him to give me a pg test. They messed up and scheduled my 6 week check up at 8 weeks postpartum.


miami_loca - July 7

hey kayla---im not sure if you know this, and u probably do, but i just wanted to remind you----you can still get preg the first month of taking BC pills. You still have to use a backup method.


falafal0 - July 14

I am 35 weeks pg and have an appointment next week for my doctor to be prescribed the mini pill and also some strong atnibiotics incase I get mast_tis again - I don't want to have to bother going with a newborn while feeling like c___p. I wouldn't wantto even imagine myself in your position, I think I'd be freaked out - which is why my DH is not going to do the full deed until he's eith erprotected TOTALLY or the mimi [ill has kicked in a full two weeks after it's supposed to be 'safe' - I always wait another two weeks - a round of s_x isn't worth the consequence if you're not many women make that mistake thinking that they won't get pregnant...But I hope you're not pregnant if you don't want to be, and if you want to be, good's a hard situation to be in...


falafal0 - July 14

Also, from the sound of you last post (I just read it!) you're body is probablyegtting back into the swing of things and you're having a very light first period - god luck.


mandie - July 24

Condoms, ladies? Just a thought.


Stacie J - September 12

I have a two month old and I think I might be pregnant again. And yes, we used condoms everytime and I checked to make sure those suckers weren't leaking. I took two dollar tree test and I had a faint positive. Could my body be registering a pg hormone since it is so soon afterwards???


sahmof3 - September 12

StacieJ- I'd wait another week or two and test again. HcG can remain in your system for a couple of months.



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