Panic Attacks Please Help

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jordan - April 28

I have a friend who has a 10 month old little girl. However for about 8 months she has been having severe panic attacks. She was told by her doctor that she would never have children but did conceive. She had a hormone problem. Anyways she wants to start trying again in September so her doctor will not put her on any on-going medication. I am very concerned about her and I feel she needs some sort of medication does anybody have any suggestions


sarah - May 19

i too suffer with panic attacks,im 25 weeks pregnant with my 1st baby,and i am worried that ill have a panic attack when im in labour.i think it helps to talk to other people who have them too.i go through different stages were i can panic lots of times a day,and other days i dont panic at all. was your friend told that she couldnt conceive because of her panic attcks or was it because of the hormone problem?


lily - June 7

i had a horrible panic attack anyone wants to talk, please i need a friend i feel that i cant do this on my own.


Helen - June 15

I too suffer with this condition. It is debilitating. Yes there are medications that are deemed safe like prozac, and zoloft. This young woman needs to speak with a qualified physician


Amy - June 21

Jordan, Before she starts any medication I would suggest she be evaluated by a psychiatrist or talk to her doctor for Post Partum Depression. This can affect woman immediately after giving birth or up to a year afterward. I happened to me. I have a friend who went through it too and got panic attacks with her 2nd pregnancy. She was on an antidepressant throughout her pregnancy and still is with her 3 month old son. I hope this helps.


sabrina - July 2

I also suffer from panic attacks and I am 26 weeks pregnant. My doctor recently put me on Paxil. I know that going on this in the last trimester is not recommended, but I can not get through this without being on medication. If anyone else has experiences with paxil and pregnancy or just panic disorder and pregnancy and how you got through it, Please email me at [email protected]


Yoshi - July 5

I saw a Japanese TV program about it and they suggested that when the person is having the p a, she should lie down and take nice and deep breaths. If somebody is around, they can help big time, calming the person with ensuring words and some physical contact like taping her hand or hugging, etc. If nobody is around think the nicest of the thoughts or memories. I hope it helps (^_^)/.


lily - July 6

how is everybody doing? I hope you girls are doing ok, I'm 22 weeks now taking zoloft 12.5 mg and last night i had such a horrible panic attack i woke up short of breath and thought i was having a heart attack and my heart started beating so fast like 150 bpm anf the normal is 80 so almost double, Any of you get this palpitations so bad like this? I'm afraid that my heart cant make it one of this days. Any help?


maria - July 21

I had my first panic attack around 22 weeks into my pregnancy. It was preceded by three days of insomnia, feeling on edge, difficulty concentrating. As a result,I am seeing a therapist, but not any medication. I have started exercise and relaxation to help. I'm 30 weeks now. Should I look into medication or is it too late? Also, what have you heard about the stress hormones effect on the baby? I appreciate your help.


To Maria - July 21

hi maria, i have panic attacks and they are really bad my heart rate goes up too high i get all freak out, righ know i as I'm seating here the baby is moving a lot and i feel it in my stomach and it scares me so much sometime i get it confused with my heart I'm 25 weeks and i feel that i cant take it anymore my belly is so big and i when ever i get a panic attack i cant breath, what are your panic attacks like?


maria - July 22

In response to your post, my panic attacks start with negative thoughts related to the way the baby moves or health. Instead of enjoying the movement, I start to think the worst. My therapist calls it "catastropic thinking" or worst-case scenario" thinking. Anyway, it progresses to the point that the negative thoughts turn into faster heartrate, short breaths, trouble breathing, and feeling of no control. I'll tell you that deep abdominal breathing really helps. I start deep breaths as soon as the negative thoughts come into my head. It has helped me keep the physical symptoms under control. I inhale for 5 seconds through my belly, then I let it out slowly. I wait a couple of seconds and do it again. I close my eyes and try to focus on the breathing. This has helped me sleep when I usually can't. The shallow breathing enables the panic attacks. I started taking prenatal yoga cla__ses again and they focus on breathing to relieve muscle tension or other aches and pains. The yoga journal has a great prenatal yoga DVD. It is also important to talk to others about the anxiety. I've created a support network with friends and family. It really helps to have someone to turn to. This chat also helps immensely. It is rea__suring to know that there are others out there going through the same thing.


To MAria - July 22

I'm glad to hear that you are been able to deal with this horrible sensation my panic attacks are alot like your they come from negative thoughts also and not i only get them when I'm away from home like on the way to work and i get stuck in trafic i star feelinmg kind of agorophobic and i have to call one of my friends and talk to them to calm down. I have met a lot of people in the chats and even made friend and it helped me so much is incredible i whish you the best.


maria - July 24

It is very rea__suring to know we are not alone. Are you on any medication? I'm not and am concerned that my anxiety and panic will hurt the baby.


Lisa - July 25

Im a 26 year old who is 8 weeks pregnant with my 3 rd child. I have the most awful pani c attacks for a year now and was Agoraphobic for 6 months. I was on an even keel until I got to 6 weeks pregnant but now its all gone to pot. Anyone help?


Desiree - July 25

I had panick attacks for three years. They won't hurt her as long as she can manage them, but it will hurt her kids to see her freaking out. So, three years go by and I finally meet a doctor who knows what he's doing. He sat me down and went over what i feel and think before and after a panic attack. It turns out i was doubting my abilities. ie) I'd have to run, while i was running, thinking i can't do this; i'm not strong enough.. etc. when i could stop myself from having doubts, i stopped the panic attacks. They're not a physical defect, it's mental. Tell your friend to create a log of what she feels before and after and see if she sees a pattern. That's where she'll find her solution.


To Desiree - July 25

Thanks for your advice to get the panic attacks under control. I know that what set mine off was worry that something was wrong with the baby and that I did something. It is not rational at all. Every test has come back normal. After talking to my doctor, my therapist, friends and family, I feel much better. I don't feel like the worry and panic is completely gone, but it really helps to get it all out. If anyone on this list needs to chat, please email me: [email protected]


Melissa-psychology - August 11

I am a Resident in Psychology. If you have panic should realy try`Progressive Muscular Relaxation. It consists of tensing and relaxing different muscle groups in your body while doing some relaxation. You have to practice this and do it 2 to 3 times a day. Within 2 weeks, you will start to feel less anxious. ALSO, you cannot die from a panic attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just knowing that can make a difference in our reaction when the panic attack starts. It is important to start breathing and think positive (breath in for 4 counts and out for 8 counts). Make sure you don`t breath too fast or else you are making yourself worse by hyperventilating. Therapy can also help. Here is a very good explanation :



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