Peeing Problems

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EricaLynn - January 16

I had my daughter on 1-1-07. Right after I had her I had problems peeing, mainly I couldnt tell when I had to go and would pee all the time, when I sat up or down, sneezed, laughed, leaned forward or back you name it. I asked the Dr and the Nurses about it and they said it was normal, especialy since I had an epidural for so long. But it hasnt gone away. I still cant tell when I have to pee, and I have problems holding it. I go to the bathroom more now than I did when I was pregnant! Is there anyone else who had this problem? What do you think I should do, I am going to call the Dr if it doesnt get better, I was just wondering if it was normal or not, does anyone know? Thanks ladies!


sahmof3 - January 16

I had problems with this, too, for a few weeks after the birth of my oldest. I also had an epidural (and eventually an emergency c-section). It sucked as I would pee myself everytime I leaned down to pick up his carrier, get him from his pack and play, etc. I don't remember having it after my 2nd, but had it again after my 3rd for almost a year, but he was such a huge baby, I think he just did me in LOL. Anyway, it should get back to normal in a few weeks. gl


EricaLynn - January 16

Thank you I hope it gets better soon, she was a big baby too though, 8lbs 15oz....I hope it goes away Im getting sick of wetting my pants!


Emmie - January 18

One well to help is to do Kegel exercise. It is squeezing the pc muscles(the muscle you use to stop in the middle of a pee). You are supposed to do around 60 a day and hold each one for about 6 seconds each I think.


jenn95 - January 21

i wouldn't get too nervous, but i would go to the dr, it could be that the baby did some little dammage to your bladder when he was coming out. i'm not usually a worry wort, but with my 2nd kid, he did something weird while coming out and i couldn't pee without a catheter for like 3 days, which as small as it sounds is horrible!! i hope your problem goes away soon , but if not, go to the dr. good luck.



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