Perenium Surgery After 4th Dgr Tear

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kids everywhere - June 15

Ok this will probably be long but i cant find hardly any info on here about this. My 1st baby was 8 9 had 3rd dg tear 2002, 2nd baby was 9.10 had 4th DT in 2004, 3rd baby was 9.5 had 4th dt may 18th 2006. I went to a place were there are a few drs and you rotate well the 1st dr said i need and ultra sound at 38 weeks to check size cause i cant have another big baby. well 38 weeks the baby was 8 lbs...well i guess that was not big enough they left me go 41 and 2 days to schedule and induction. they said a 9.5 baby was not big enough to have a csection. well as i am close to pushing the better dr of them says well there is not a lot of tissue there your gonna tear a little. well a little 4th degree. he sowed me for hour and a half...longest he nurse has every seen (this dr has been practicing for 30 years....the one who left me go till 41.2 weeks doesnt even have 2 yrs in...go figure) anyways i knew i was in trouble when the dr checking up the next day said the dr wants to see you next week to check the healing...hmmm never had to go before 6 weeks....then she says are you two planning on having anymore..because they will have to be csection...i am thinking it cant look that bad...well 4 weeks out i have been to the dr every week. been on antibiotics...had pill for yeast infection cause of they antib. then last apointment had and ulcer hymoglobin (spelling) had to have it drained..size of a golf ball...still was pulling on the st_tching...said the back is healing but the front is pulling apart. put me on estrogen cream... said the colon rectal dr is going to look at it down the road get a second opinion and get me fixed up if i am not having more kids...has anone had to have reconstructive surgery...seriously i am having no problems down there but havent had s_x...i do have to wipe wipe wipe cause bowel movements sometimes slide where i dont want them...tmi...sorry but looking at it is scary i cant even tell where my va___a hole ends and my butt hole is all messed up....i dont want surgery down there but i am thing less problems later...ANY ADVICE STORIES ANYTHING WOULD BE NICE TO HEAR...just try not to scare so long and gross...jessica


Suzanne - June 15

Oh you poor thing! I had a csection so I can't give you advice other than next time do the csection! Oh, that is just awful what your going through. Maybe insurance will cover reconstruction?


Ang - June 21

omg, I feel so bad for you!! I don't have an adivce for you and don't know anything about the american health system but I really hope you get better! Oh my gosh, I complained about having an Epis..... you poor poor thing!! :(


J - June 23

Maybe you can look into some books on this. I know of "Ever Since I had My Baby" and "Pelvic Health and Childbirth" ( Also, you could look into medical journals, perhaps at a local university. These sites may help too or lead you to others: and heres a link to a pp here about this:


sakfite - July 9

Jessica, I am going through the exact same thing. I had my first baby who weighed in a 6.9 (not very big, I know) and suffered a fourth degree tear. My whole labor process was a nightmare. I went in on a Sat. night at 10:30 because my water broke. I was only 35 wks. Twenty two hours later, after more Pitocin than I could ever imagine, epideral booster after booster, sometimes barely coherant, and not dialating nearly fast enough, the nurses (without the doctor therein the beginning) started me pushing I believe at 9.5 cm dialated, I had my beautiful baby girl with the help of an episiotomy and vaccuum. I don't remember the actual moment she was born because I was so exhausted and pa__sed out. She had the cord wrapped around her neck with a knot in it. She is a miracle baby! The doctor said I would never have another baby v____ally. My husband, his mother,and my mother along with myself were all BEGGING for a c-section. I didn't realize then how bad a fourth degree tear is. The next morning the resident came in a said she felt so bad about what had happened. She didn't check my sutures. The doctor himself never came to check me. He didn't even send me home with pain meds or antibiotics. My husband threatened to call the hospital administrator if I didn't get meds to go home. Eventually, an appalled PA from the doctors office sent me home with meds. Actually increased me from what I was on in the hospital. She said that if I wasn't careful, I could develop a fistula which is a hole between the rectum and v____a. Sure enough, with my first bowel movement stool came through my v____a. I was devestated. Went to my ob and he referred me to a urogyno who told me that there was not only a fistula, but also the inner and outer sphincter mucsles were torn. They are what give you control to hold your bowel movements. He said surgery was needed but I would have to wait about 6 wks. He also referred me to a colon/rectal surgeon. I didn't have the infections you talk about, but I don't have complete control of my bowels and have had accidents. I am not able to go to far from home and if I do, I have to scope on restrooms.I understand about the wiping and wiping. It takes me about a good half hour to get cleaned up, usually with my baby girl crying in the background. I have had an ultrasound to test the muscles and this week have another (very unpleasant) test to check the nerve function. My surgery is scheduled for the week after next. The recovery is long...about a week in the hosp and one months bedrest. The surgery itself only has a 60% chance of working the first time, but I don't see any alternative. As you know, who wants to live like this? I don't mean to scare you at all, and your tear may not be as severe as mine but I wanted to pa__s on what I know. To me, there is no question about getting the surgery. The tough part about this as I am sure you know, is the toll it takes on you not only physically, but emotionally as well. Thank goodness for wonderful husbands. If you would like to talk more about it or just want to offer eachother support, feel free to email me @ [email protected] It would be wonderful to have someone to talk to. Take care and hang in there


Nita_ - July 29

Oh my god!! I feel soo sorry for both of you. I tore with my dd (5 weeks old) and had to get stiches. I think I overhead the midwife & dr talking as a 3rd degree tear but I didn't know/care caz I was so happy at the birth of my daughter. I haven't been checked since, I go in for the appt in a week. oh my god! I can't imagine what you are going through and I thought it was hurting bad for me. Good luck with everything! take care!


ARD - August 1

I just had my daughter on July 18.....I tore like you wouldn't believe....not sure what degree it was, certain it was the worst kind...probably 50-100 stiches...took him an hour and a half to st_tch up...I tore from my urethra to my a___l area....absolutely st_tches are still there, its been 2 weeks now....and the bleeding isn't that bad, but there is such a foul odor, no matter how clean I keep myself. I think I'm going to call my doctor about it tomorrow. I was pretty much reconstructed also and have been so depressed about it. My doctor also made the comment it was the worst tear he had ever seen...not sure what was what. That was just so traumatic for me to hear following the delivery of my first child. I hope everything is healing ok down there, but just not sure.....I'm so depressed about it and hoping it doesn't affect having more children OR having s_x again....


kids everywhere - August 1

thank you everyone for your stories and advice. ARD i would call the dr if your having foul odor that is a sign of infection. you dont want to wait cause it just gets worse. do as many sitz baths as possible my dr said 2-3 a day cause it helps heal and keep it clean...thank you everyone...jess



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