Please Help Me I Dont Understand

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Natalie - November 3

im 24 weeks pregnant and really wanting to have my baby, but i have developed this unexplainable depression. its not just over emotional, i know im depressed. i tryed to talk to my mum and all she has to say is, you musnt be upset now, its bad for your baby. i get to the point where i feel likei dont want the baby when i know i do.i am so stressed all my hair has started falling out, and i cry all the time. i cant find a sense of happiness, and i feel like someone has put a huge heavy weight onto my brain and i cant cope or concentrate anymore. i dont understand.


Shannon - November 4

i read online that 10% of women suffer from bouts of depression while pregnant. ur mom telling you simply not to be depressed isn't gonna help much. talk to your doctor as soon as possible, maybe they can reccommend a therapist or give you some relatively baby-safe antidepressants.


Alycia - November 5

Hi, Natalie. It sounds like you should ask your doctor to check your thyroid. That is a VERY common cause of depression during and after pregnancy. The hair falling out is another symptom. Please, please go get it checked! I hope you feel better soon.


Meagan - November 7

Hi, I had a thyroid disfunction when I got pregnant with my 2nd child. It can cause your hair to thin and fall out. If it's bad and not treated it can pa__s on to your baby and he/she can have a thyroid problem. My mom and grandmother have one too. Your thyroid can mess up your whole body. Even your depression. You should definitely get your thyroid checked. Good luck.


Gwendolyn - November 9

I totally understand your pain. I had a very hard time with depression during my pregnacy. I think a support group and some good antidepressants will be a help for you. I know excactly how you fell and sometimes our moms don't always know best. Good luck, honey.


Natalie - November 11

thankyou for your help. i dont actually have a doctor, only a midwife so i will ask her to check my thyroid. thankyou for your support



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