Post Pregnant Periods

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princesss - March 6

i had my son nov 24 2006 hes now 3 months and havent got my period. when should i be getting it. i blead for about 4 to five weeks after i had the baby.


emunah - March 6

I just read a new post in the cesarean section forum and people are saying there that it took about 4 months for them. Of course, if you are b___stfeeding, it could take longer, but I;m sure you know that.


proudmommy - March 6

I got mine 3 months after I had my ds and I don't b___stfeed. I went to my dr a couple weeks before it started and he said if it didn't by 3.5 months to take provera. He gave me a prescription, but I ended up not needing it.


Mom of 2 - March 6

Hi, I had my baby on Nov.26th and I have no period yet! Inusred for the first 10.5 weeks then had to stop due to problems. So I called the Dr. yesterday they said to come in for blood work if I don't see "it" this week! Good luck to you :)


MM - March 7

I had my son Nov. 11th & I just got my period on the 3rd. So it was about 4 months for me.


princesss - March 8

thankyou for your imput since i blead its only been two 1/2 months so far but i think i will get a pregnantcy test to make sure. Thankyou so much


BriannasMummy - March 11

My dd is 3 months old born December 7th. My first pp started exactly 2 months from when she was born. She is now 3 months and Im having my second pp. It also depends on if you b___stfed. Breastfeeding can slow your pp from showing. Good Luck! ~Kristin~


jolou - March 11

Why can't everyone get the first pp period at the same time?! I'm 8 weeks pp and haven't had one yet. I gather this normal, but I'd like to know when to expect it! There's the added complication that DH and I haven't been as 'carefull' as we should have been so how do I know if I've missed a period if I'm not having periods!? Grrrrr


Rhonda - April 4

I had a c-section 5wks ago and bled for 3wks and stopped.And i just got my period 2 days ago.I dont b___stfeed either.


AudreyC - April 29

I'm beginning to wonder when my period will show up. My dd is 5 months. I had intended to have a v____al birth but I had to have an emergency c-sec because she got stuck in my pelvis. I couldn't b___st-feed afterwards because I was in too much discomfort after the surgery, but I pumped as much as I could, up until the end of March. I've been getting cramps from time to time over the past two weeks but no period, just a yeast infection that I can't seem to get completely rid of.



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