Postpartum Will I Ever Be Normal Again

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Jodie Vagedes - January 28

I just had a baby 10 days ago by c-section and I just feel like I can't get back in control. I feel panicky, trouble breathing and sleeping, just an all around jitteryness. Before I had the baby I was somewhat a nervous person but not to an extreme. I just want to feel like me again. Is this all normal and will I feel like myself again soon? I am taking Zoloft now.


tf - January 31

Having a baby is a huge change in your life. You will get back to as "normal" as possible but nothing will ever be the same. Seeing your baby happy and healthy helps a lot. You will learn to adjust just give it a little time.


AT - August 16

My sister in law had PPD after giving birth. After theropy, she is now happy and normal again. She actually have more confidence now then she was before birth.


mariah - October 13

Well Lisa just so you know. PPD isn't just a mood swing that you can help. It's actually something chemical in your brain that you have no control over. Maybe if it happened to you than you wouldn't be so quick to agree with some 40 year old actor male. You make me sick.


june - October 13

i agree with mariah.ppd is uncontrollable. its unfair for you to make such strong statements. take care jodie, i've just delivered and also having some ppd. i'm sure we'll get better in no time.


jorden - October 13

i think if you have a child and have"real" ppd afterwards, then you'll change your views on it. some people so milk it a little but it is something really serious. And untill you've gone through it, you need to keep c___p like that to yourself!


Rhonda - October 13

Lisa spare me I also went through fertility problems. PPd is real to many cases can not be ignored especially by a person that doesn't understand it. I went through PPD my symptoms were not severe. Imagine oh wait you can't, you haven't been pregnant. When you are first pregnant you are dealing with so many new hormonal levels. Ask any moody pregnant women, I can vouch for it. Now after having a child you are slowly getting your old body back the hormonal levels are coming back down. I was a wreck after having my daughter I was moody, I felt I was always arguing with my husband. Oh and lisa Scientology is relatively new as well wake up a smell the coffee I have a problem with a man trying to give advice on PPD. Maybe when he can carry a child by himself and go through life as a women I could agree. I do wish the best, and hope you get the chance to be a mother soon and be more understanding. My friend is 40 as well and has been trying forever, believe it or not we were watching a forum on television, where a man was trying to say that women are being selfish now and that is the reason that they are not getting pregnant anymore. We were so p__sed off at that comment we phoned the show right away. My opinion to him was I am 31, not to old but going through fertility problems. i waited because I didn't want to live off someone else, I waited because I wanted to find Mr. Right, and finally I waited because I wanted the best for my children and myself. Lisa, believe me PPD is real and in some cases can not be cured by vitamins alone.


mariah - October 13

Well obviously Lisa you are justa bit bitter because you are having trouble getting pregnant. I am sorry for you by the way. However,this PPD is not about spoiled moms who are just lazy and have the blues. Have you not ever heard of Moms who kill their children. Drown them, drive them off the road,leave them in dumpsters? Well not many people have because it is very rare it's just now it's brought to our attention and they have put a name on it. How can you dare say it's about spoiled women? You think that this is fun for them? I'm only saying this because my gf who tried so hard with her husband to have a baby for 6 years finally did have one and she had help from family and friends and she couldn't get out of bed to shower,eat or feed her baby. This is not a spoiled choice she had chosen because she didn't want to get out of bed. Think about what your saying. Actually why don't you read up on it some more


mariah - October 13

You know what girls. You can't even begin to explain pregnancy and hormones and PPD to someone who hasn't been through it themselves. She woldn't understand anyways. I know I wouldn't if I wasn't 4 days away from my due date


lisa - November 12

dont know if this will help, but for a fews after having my baby i felt like this, i read evening primrose oil tablets help, i started taking them and they worked those feelings have totally gone


lisa - November 13

well it can get bad.i experienced it myself.i had my baby 3 months ago and i am just now experiencing it.they say it can last up to 2 weeks .and you can get it anywhere from 1 day to 1 year after the is a seroius and personal subject no man would understand.remember everything will be ok.think happy thoughts.ok



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