Postpartum Belt

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karen - February 4

hi i had a csection and now after 1 month also my belly is so like balloon, i am using postpartum belt, but dont knoe if its helping to reduce tummy, plse tell how did u guys take care of a balloon belly to get it reduced, i m so depressed


hhi - February 4

never heard of it. mine looks like a flat tire. good luck. i'd like to hear some ideas that don't require me to sweat my a__s off every day.


karen - February 17

i know it looks like falat tire need help and any ideas


LRK - February 19

Mine does too. I am 4 weeks pp too. I think alot of that is excess skin. It will take a while for it to unstretch. Plus, your uterus is not fully contracted until about 6 weeks, I think. I am in the same boat. I am going to try doing some abdominal work as soon as I can. The rest of my weight is in my hips and thighs--makes me so upset that I cannot fit into my old pants! I try to concentrate on how lovely my feet are now--they are back to normal now :)


chas - March 7

As soon as you feel better and up to walking or running i found that water and cardio are the only things that got rid of my flat tire....the skin will take longer to return to normal youll lose lbs before you see results in the tightness of skin but the water helps with elasticity. it took me about four months to Get rid of extra weight also get rid of extra sugars as well that helps but my best advice is to do cardio i hate to work out too but i hate being fat more so......also be patient the swelling and healing does take about 6 to 8 weeks to reduce after a c-section, of corse this is only my experience but hope it helpes.


erinsoul - March 23

Wear the belt!!! I wore mine 24 hrs a day from the 2nd day after the c-section. Not only does it support the ab muscles and takes the pressure off, but by two weeks my stomach was practically flat as a board. I continued to wear it for the whole first month...I look better than I did pre-preg.


tummy tamer - May 1

compress your belly, bend over and suck in tummy with breath, several times a day, ma__sage scar and tummy, take silica products, like oat straw tea, or apricots, run cold water on tummy in shower to contract skin and give yourself time, like 6 months- be gentle on yourself you went through major surgery!


evae777 - May 1

ERINSOUL - What kind of a belt did you wear, please share! TUMMY TAMER - what is it about the silica products, oat straw tea, or apricots that make a difference, please share!! Karen - I wore the Medela belt and it just kept falling off or running up. i wore a belt & not sure if it helped, i wore it a few hours a day because the hospital said not to wear it for 24 hours more than a week or two since i am planning to have more kids they said that if i wore the belt too much than the next time around my body won't be as resilient as far as the uterus shrinking itself. i am 3 months postpartum and most of the belly is gone and the flab is slowly tightening.


Crystal83 - May 1

I'm 8 mos. pp and my tummy still looks like a shriveled balloon! It is also my 3rd pregancy. I do exercise and diet but my tummy still won't flatten as fast as it did with my first 2, do you think it's too late to start using a postpartum belt? And where is the easiest place to get one?



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