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jna1204 - March 13

Hi. I had my baby on 2/21/07. It'll be 3 weeks tomm and still have bright red blood. I have a lot less, but its still red and I've read different things about pp bleeding and everything mentions that bleeding goes from red to brown to white and that the whole process takes about 3 weeks or so. Can anyone please advise me on their experiences and if you think this may be normal or not. Thanks


Jokat - March 13

hi jna1204! About 4 days ago I had the same question on my mind. My daughter was born 2/16/07 so I was three weeks Friday past. Like I said up until 4 days ago I was experiencing the same bright red blood. A lot less than the first week but still bright red all the same then one morning I woke up and it was just brown spotting and the following day it disappeared completely! Now I've been two days of nothing. I've been wearing panty liners just in case but I think it's finally over. I was getting worried too don't feel bad. Good luck with your new little one! Hope this makes you feel better. :)


jna1204 - March 13

Hi Jokat. Thanks for your response and yes, this makes me feel a lot better. I was just wondering when it will stop or atleast when it would start changing colors. I was getting a little worried already because it kinda looks like small clots, you know (i dont want to be gross) but the blood is like thick and stringy. I dont have an appt for another 3 weeks so I was just wondering who else was going through the same or has been there already. Thanks for your response.


Jokat - March 14

Hi again! I know what you mean and no it's not tmi!! I had the same thing. Kinda' stringy and red. I was going to call my doctor if it hadn't of stopped by this week but like I said, I'm now stopped bleeding completely! And my dh and I actually had s_x last night and I was scared to death thinking it would be painful but it wasn't at all! :) I'm very glad for that cause a week ago I was beginning to think I'd never have a s_x life again!! hehe!


cnr0607 - April 27

OMG, Jokat, your daughter was born on the same day my little boy was!!!! I had my son two months ago. I bled for about 3-4 weeks after having him. Then I didnt bleed until 2 weeks after I started taking the YAZ pill (about 2 weeks ago). I started bleeding lightly but when I took four sugar pills at the end of this month I started to have a heavier period. I had a clot about the size of a walnut. I don't know if thats normal or if I need to go see the doc...



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