Postpartum D C Complications Pain Bleeding

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Stacey90 - April 8

I had my baby on Feb 23. When I delivered her the umbilical cord detached from the placenta and I had to have it removed manually. A few weeks later I was still bleeding and passing clots every other day so I went to emerg. They ignored me for the most part and sent me on my way with antibiotics. Then on Friday on Easter weekend AFTER I was done my antibiotics I passed another large clot and was having sharp pains in my lower stomach so I went back. They scheduled me a D&C for the next morning. I went home and within 20 minutes I went to the washroom and was then passing blood in a solid stream. I had an emergency D&C that same night but because it had been so long I also had an infection in my uterus that was also in my blood which caused the tissue of my uterus to be softer. When they performed the D&C they said they may have punctured my uterus which can be very dangerous. I was kept in the hospital for the following three days to be monitored for pains in my stomach, in which case I would have had to of had surgery to find the puncture hole through the uterine wall to have it repaired. It is now 5 days after my D&C and I am beginning to have pains which could mean that I actually do have a very small puncture that is just now causing discomfort. I am most likely going back to the hospital sometime in the next 24 hours because of this. You may have a puncture as well if you are having these pains AND continual bleeding, and I would suggest to do the same thing I am doing...going back to the hospital. If they never told you there was a chance of puncturing, then tell them that you know it happens and that they should investigate the matter immediately. This is a very serious matter and if you leave it too long there is a chance it can kill you. I hope my story will help someone, because I found NOTHING on D&C punctures when I searched for it.



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