Postpartum Depression Still

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Michelle - September 12

Is it possible for postpartum depression to last 19 months or more?


Shelly - June 20

Yes. See a therapist to get some help with it. It is treatable. Things will work out.


N - September 12

Yes...mine lasted for 3 years after the baby...sometimes I can get down...but I try to keep my mind busy...I haven't seen anyone for it...let me know if you get help and if it worked for you. Stay positive!!!


Sheri - November 5

Absolutly!! I started with major depression about 2 weeks after my son was born. The Dr. put me on Prozac for 6 months and then weaned me off of it. Everything was great!! until about 6 months later it came back. Now I am on Zoloft and things are going good again. Are you on any med. With what I have went through I would have NEVER been able to make it through without medical help! Good Luck!!


Dana - November 22

Yes.. it can last years with out proper treatment.


Mom - November 23

I find personally the best thing for depression if you can, is take the baby out for a walk in the carriage and walk for as long as you can (bring a bottle and change of diaper). That helps clear your head alot, also, as soon as you feel even alittle bit down, try to do something different to get out of your situation whatever it is and keep your spirits up. Also, don't be afraid to ask for help!


jen - March 21

it can last a long time if not treated. I have been on effexor for 6 months and will be for a year then my dr. will wean me off. I could get through it with out medical help. dont be afraid to ask..


Just me - March 22

I had PPD but found that the side effects of the drugs mad me even more depressed, like the s_xual side effects. So i went off of them and found that if i did somethign else to occupy my time, I felt better. Just looking at my baby was cause enough to turn my emotions around and be happy with life.


kristina - April 1

Yes, however try to find peace within your self without meds. I have a five month old and things are up in they air but my baby 's health is everything first.


watergirl - September 17

yes i thinks so i have a toddler and i still have it a little


Me Too - September 30

My son is 19 months and I am still a mess. Had rare reaction to Zoloft, so I am seeing a therapist. I hope things get better soon. I'd like to have another child.



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