Postpartum Girdle

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BeatriceC - August 27

Hello, Mothers! I'm Bea. I thought I would come here and share something with you all. My daughter has been selling this garment at the hospital she works at and the reviews that we are getting have been great. For starters, the garment is a medical garment, not designer. It was designed and created by an engineer, an orthopedic surgeon and a chiropractor. The garment that I recommend for mothers is the Postpartum Girdle. The Postpartum Girdle is of course for use after the mother has given birth. It can be used immediately after to help her recover her shape. The Postpartum Girdle is a slip on girdle with side support panels. It is designed to lift the lower stomach, encourage internal organs to reposition themselves into their proper location, reduce the waistline, prevent hemorrhaging, reduce flaccidity due to belly flap, compress the uterus encouraging the easier expulsion of clots, as well as relieve any abdominal and back pain. This all allows the mother to be fully mobile while caring for her baby. If you'd like a picture of the garment and are interested in how to go about purchasing one just leave a reply and I will get back to you. Good luck to you all!


Euros - September 9

Personally, I don't believe the design of the postpartum girdle is as important as just wearing one as soon as possible after delivery. I see so many posts where a woman is 4 months post delivery and realizing that she has a "flat tire" around her middle. By that time, unfortunately, it is kind of late. The whole point of the postpartum girdle is to bring all of the damaged tissues back to their normal place so that they can heal properly. In many cultures women simply bind themselves with a special cloth. We did not spend alot of money on ours. Our postpartum girdle cost under $20 (you can see it here: ), it was a simple strechy elastic belt with velcro on the ends. Nothing fancy at all. The result was amazing. NO flat tire. None at all. So, I can only suggest that every pregnant woman buy a postpartum girdle before having her baby. It matters less about who makes, it mostly matters that it is worn it as soon as possible after her OB/GYN gives the green light.


xoliljanexo22 - September 23

Hi Beatrice, I would like to get more info regarding the girdle. If possible I would love to see some pics and more details. Thank you, Jane


BeatriceC - September 26

Hi Jane, no problem at all. Shoot me an email, (ardyssintrep) at yahoo and I'll be happy to help you. I typed up all the extra info on here, hit submit and realized I can't post links! Haha. I try to check my email daily though so I'll respond as soon as I can. :)



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