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waiting100 - June 2

I was on birth control for 13 years, once I went off of it to get pregnant, my skin went crazy (broke out really bad) due to hormone changes. Once I got pregnant, it cleared up and was perfect! Now I have had my baby boy and I am now br___tfeeding (baby is 7 weeks old--so I have been strictly BF for 7 weeks) my skin is still good, no breakouts........yet. My question is this: Is anyone having any hair or skin changes since you delivered baby? If so, are you br___tfeeding or not? I feel that once I stop br___tfeeding my face is going to break out again! My hair is also oily now that I am br___tfeeding which is unusual for me. Any feedback would be great!


Ang - June 8

My hair and skin didn't freak out until my son was 4 months old -- before my skin was perfect and now it's broken out and my hair is coming out like crazy due to all theses crazy pp hormones. I'm not bf but a friend of mine is and she had it happen, literally, the same time I did as our kids are only a weeks apart.


melissa g. - June 9

my baby is almost 4 months, my hair is totally falling out, it such a bummer, and my skin is a mess. sigh.i was b___stfeeding up until a couple weeks ago, and these changes were already starting to happen before that.


newmom24 - July 4

Hi there- my son too is 7 weeks almost 8 now. My hair has fallen out quite a bit after delivery, and is still falling out! I have noticed a decrease this last week, and I have had to get my hair cut shorter- too thin and looked quite awful. My skin has broken out occa__sionally, but I still have that nice glow; but I am sure that will fade soon. Oh the joys :) Take care everyone. They do say our hormones will balance out in the end.


foxhoundsrgr8 - July 6

My son is exactly 4 wks old today, and I have to tell you, boy, my hair keeps falling out in big chunks, my skin turned horrible (although it might also have to do with the hot and humid weather??). I'm exclusively b___stfeeding, so you should consider yourself lucky you don't have any skin problems, I envy you ;) To make matters worse, my hair is oily too!


Amy_mommy - August 7

my daughter will be 4 mths in 5 days & my skin is just soooooooo nasty. i have pimples & i've used acne treatment & it just wouldn't go away...usually before i delievered baby, it would just go away by itself, but wouldn't! my hair falls out like crazy! it's dry and disgusting!



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