Postpartum Pitocin Anyone

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sahmof3 - July 8

I was just curious as to whether anyone on here was ever given pitocin AFTER delivery? My best friend had a 10 lb., 6 oz. baby and said she was given pitocin afterward to help her uterus shrink back. I felt sure she must have been given something else and was mistaken, but when my own 10 6er was born (weird we'd have exact same weight babies, huh?) I was put under general anesthesia (for extremely low platelets) . I remember them giving me an IV drip, which I just assumed was antibiotics or something. I don't remember anyone telling me it was Pitocin, but I was groggy. Anyway, I began having what felt like bad labor contractions and had to tell several nurses (the first few just said, "Oh that pain is to be expected after a cesarean", but I had two other C's and knew this wasn't normal!!) Finally, one told me that my IV was Pitocin. Good grief. Where's the postpartum epidural?? So has anyone ever had this with a smaller baby? Is it just large ones? My other two's weights were in the 8's and 9's and they didn't do this...


JH - July 8

My son was 6 12 and I had pitocin after my c. I had placenta previa. Dr. gave it to me to help seal up the place where placenta was attached and shrink uterus faster. Nurse told me that I wouldn't bleed as much pp. think they were worried about blood loss near placenta. Blood loss is probably always a concern after surgery.


kr - July 8

I had pitocin to bring labor and after the delivery. I was busy at the time, but I do know I was bleeding heavily and the pitocin was to help my uterus to go back down. I was ma__saged for the same reason( ouch!).


kr - July 8

oh LO was 7lbs. 15 oz. I specifically asked for no medications, but there were complications. I think since I was already hooked up to the pitocin she went ahead with it , rather than ask me while I was holding the baby. That was ok with me.


lindsay - July 9

i had my baby girl on june 13th, 7 lbs 10 oz.. but i had a circ_mvallate placenta that wouldn't deliver then came out in pieces and was still some left in me... so after an emergency d&c, i was on pitocin until 10 am the next day... (delivered at 2:26 on the 13th)


lucienne78 - July 11

My dd was 6 lbs 4 oz and i was given pitocin after delivered for the uterus as well. My sister-in-law is a L&D nurse and she said that it's normal.


sahmof3 - July 11

Thanks everyone. I was wondering about this because my best friend and I are the only ones I had ever heard of (we delivered at the same hospital). It seemed odd to me, but I guess it IS normal:)


cherieamour - July 12

i just delivered my daighter who was 8 lbs 0.8 oz and was given pitocen in my IV. The docs give pitocin to make your uterus contract so they go back into place. i know it sounds weird but i am a__suming that its harder to get your uterus back to normal after having one or more c-sections. your not the only one who thought this was weird but its normal



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