Postpartum Sex Vs Masturbation

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julesnac - October 20

i know the general rule of thumb for s_x is 6 weeks, but does that apply to m____eion also?? i had my ds 3 weeks ago and believe it or not, s_x drive is back already. i had a 4th degree tear so i'm DEFINITELY not ready to try s_x yet, but can mutual m____eion be tried?


Smilefull - October 22

absolutely. you'll know what's comfortable for you---what's sensitive--what hurts...go for it girl! (;


SuzieQ - October 28

I was curious about this too and won't be seeing my doc for another 4 weeks. I had a csection and was hoping to start things up again as soon as possible!


DisneyG1979 - October 28

I had a stiches with my first and I only waited 4 weeks. It hurt alittle but it wasnt to uncomfortable. I think more then anything it was just being scared that made it uncomfortable.


julesnac - October 29

with my 1st i had c section and only waited 4 weeks. it actually felt great. i really want to try and have s_x. it's been one month since birth today. i might try!


wattersk - October 31

To be honest, I think you would be better to wait the six weeks before trying anything, simply to avoid the risk of extra bleeding or infection, but it's mainly up to you. If you think you're ready, go ahead. Just make sure you look after yourself while in the process.


Hana - November 8

How do you guys even have s_x??? We've been trying for weeks but every time we try the baby starts to cry right when it gets interesting LOL In fact when i went for my 6 week checkup the nurse was talking to me about contraception and i told her to save her breath coz we dont have s_x !! Sorry had to vent :P


SuzieQ - November 19

lol - hana you are so right! I'm almost 6wks pp and my dh and I are starting to realize that even though we want to have s_x again - it just may not happen! Our lo seems to be waking up just as we even make eye contact! :)


julesnac - November 19

just to re-post, we tried that and it was fine. at 6 weeks we had s_x too. it was not nearly as bad as i thought it was going to be. although the next morning i was sooo sore. but we've done it a few times since then and it was actually best the first time (probably anticipation)



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