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newmom27 - January 14

Hi Im writing because I am so confused and need some help. I had my son almost 5 months ago. He is wonderful I love him more than anything and would never want to be away from him. The last month of my pregnancy I was so nauseas all day and night I couldnt even function all the drs said it was toward the end and this is why you are feeling sick but I felt i shouldnt be feeling this 24-7 so then I had my son and the nausea got better but never went away and I still feel nausea occasionally but nothing like it was. Im wondering if this nausea could be caused by anxiety??? I have been to the gastro dr and we tried ome meds but nothing was really sucessful. I do cry alot and get nervous so easily. I was wondering if i had mild PPD?? I though ppd was just you wanting to harm your baby or not be around your baby which is not my case at all. I also have no patience and am very edgy and so quick to get mad or upset or frustrated. Some days though I am great and Feel like my old self and others do not. I am so afraid of my baby getting sick and hes so healthy, as soon as he acts out of sorts a little I get all nervous like something is wrong WHY do I do this???? Hes a baby I keep telling myself that but it doesnt seem to help.....Anyone have any suggestions or has anyone experienced anything like this before???


sahmof3 - January 15

Sounds like it could be either mild PPD or an anxiety disorder... as you said. I do believe that anxiety could cause nausea. My grandmother has suffered from anxiety her whole adult life and when she is off her meds she gets diarrhea and stomach problems from the anxiety. Anyway, PPD comes in many forms.. mine was sadness and anxiety, but never any thoughts of hurting my baby. I went on anit-depressants after the birth of my 2nd baby and it helped so much!



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