Recovery Amp Delivery

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youshi - May 4

how long would it take to actually, completely recover from delivery?


youshi - May 5



Jilloh - May 8

everyone is different. if i told you that i went through 9 months of pregnancy with no morning sickness, no cravings, no complications other then a fluctuating blood pressure, barely gained 10 pounds and then had to be induced because the baby just wouldn't come out on his own, have an epidural, sleep through the majority of labor other than saying "it hurts," deliver v____ally, get a 2nd degree tear, be stiched up, and then I was up and walking within a couple hours (as soon as the epidural wore off). I then had ZERO pain. I only took the ibprofin because I thought I had to, but then I found out I could refuse it. I have had a wonderful post partum time too. But I will tell you my story will sicken some people because I had it easy--next time it could be 100x worse for me. My opinion is you will completely recover when you feel 100%


J - May 9

Everyone does have a different story. I am 7 months pp and am still not even close to being recovered. I have joint pain, spine pain from the epidural, pain from the tear, a fissure and possible surgery and physiotherapy to fix it (hopefully). Others have it even worse, you never know.


luvmyboys - May 10

This was my third baby and I didn't have any st_tches but I felt pretty normal after about two weeks. But then it took another two weeks for the bleeding to stop and my milk to dry up. It depends on how your delivery goes I think. I think the general rule is six weeks but as you can see, it's different for everyone.


Amy_mommy - May 10

well, i delievered almost 7 pounds baby 4 weeks ago & i'm almost complete recovered. my backs is still a little hurts.... when the epidural wore off, I COULDN'T EVEN WALKED!!!!!!!!!!! my mom had to carry me!!!!!!!!!!!! it was painful!


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 22

I delivered on May 26th and I would say that I feel like I am completely recovered. I had a somewhat normal pregnancy, except for severe morning sickness, high blood pressure, swelling) with average weight gain, 26lbs, VERY EASY delivery, just small episiotomy, but I feel great now. Occasionally if I bend over for a little while my back hurts some from the epidural. I think the fact that I am only 18 helped a lot. My doctor said that the younger you are the quicker you tend to recover, but there are exceptions sometimes. I dont think he meant 12 opposed to 30, but more like 18 opposed to 30. When my baby was three days old I was up and around almost completely back to normal. I was still sore though because I had some hermorrhoids. That was the worst part.


San - June 22

My daughter is 9 days old and I'm feeling pretty good! My milk is just about dried up, my bleeding has all but stopped and my couple of st_tches aren't botherig me. I think it has alot to do with the fact that I also have an almost 19 mth old to chase around so I've been active since coming home. But as mentioned above, everyone is different!


falafal0 - September 5

I've recovered at different paces with all of my four children. As you have read, it will depend on you pregnancy and what you go through with your labour. This last recovery period after givig birth to my son was the hardest time I've had. My other three were fairly easy, home within one day, no pain, jsut getting through b___stfeeding pain and only mild after pains with my second and thrid. Major after pains with my fourth for three days, bleed for longer, got sciatica, could barely walk and couldn't pick him up for a number of days, especially at nights when he needed it the most, and my back almost gave out, not to mention the stomach muscles, or lack of them and the pain they caused when moving. So, you never know...each to their own body. I believe mind plays an important part too, very powerful in the negative or positive sense to get you through. Goo luck.



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