Selfish With Baby Don T Want Baby To Grow Up Ever Better

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teacherwoman - February 4

Does anyone else feel incredibly selfish about their baby? I had my beautiful girl 7 weeks ago, and I don't want to share her! I feel like a hormonal mamma bear! I snap at people who try to take her from me. I just want to lay around and cuddle her all day myself. I don't even want my husband to hold her (though I make myself give her to him!) I think some of this is coming from my having to go back to work in 4 weeks and feeling as though I have to give her up. Does anyone else feel this way? My MIL is keeping her, and I just want to scream, "SHE'S MY BABY! I WANT TO RAISE HER!" I know she'll be well cared for, but I can't get over my broken heart. I feel like my MIL will try to take over. And I don't want my baby to grow up either! I want her to stay little forever! Gosh - I sound like a mess! Anyone else feel or ever felt like this? Will it get better? Thanks!


mandee25 - February 5

I can understand that you don't want your baby to grow up. I think about this almost on a daily basis. I am sorry you don't have a year off work for maternity leave.


joey - February 6

Hi teacherwoman, it is completly normal for you to be feeling that way. I couldn't imagine having to leave my little man with my MIL everyday (and he's 6 months old now!).....what I can say is this:- YES, it does get easier with leaving them in the handas of others. In the beginning I wanted to do EVERYTHING myself but now I really welcome a break when someone can watch him for a few hours and I can have some me time....I am not working at all thopugh so I'm sure this makes a difference but just remember although you'll eb working all day you'll still have you baby each night and all weekend. Never feel selfish, it IS your baby and whatever your feelings are about your baby is totally fine because no one else can tell YOU how YOU should be feeling about something. Sometimes I used to think I didn't want my little man to grow up but honestly, they just get funnier and your joy in watching them grow is just amazing- there are always new and exciting things they do and so you grow with them and it;s fantastic...also, you may habve another baby some day! I know it's a financial thing for a lot of people but is there any chance you could maybe cut your work days back to 3 days per week just until your little one is a year old? You'd get so much more time with the baby in that sense. Also, your MIL is NOT going to care for your baby EXACTLY the same way you do however, I"m sure your baby will be loved and cared for appropriatly so just let it go and appreciate that you have that help there and don't need to put your baby into day care at such a young age. At least you know your baby is in a loving home getting one on one attention. Everything does get easier but I totally sympathise with you and don't think you're being selfish at all. Feel whatever it is you want to feel and try to move on from it in a positive way :-) Good luck!



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