Sensation Of Sex After Giving Birth

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Amy_mommy - April 30

hi! i gave birth and had an episotomy & i'm afraid when it's time to have s_x, my husband won't be able to feel a thing...... does this happen to anyohne??????????????


luvmyboys - April 30

I can only tell you my personal experience...but it's not him that can't feel anything, it's me! My baby is 3 weeks old and we've done it once (sorry if TMI) but he said it doesn't feel any differently than before. Me, on the other hand, can't feel anything!!


jas - April 30

My dh said he couldn't tell a difference, although it was pretty sore at first, the more we "did it" the better it became...


anne - May 2

honestly, he does feel the difference. if you had a v____al birth, he really does. i didn't think mine did until i asked and then began asking my friends. they asked their husbands and boyfriends`and they all admitted its not the same at all. i felt terrible about it. its been over 9 months and not only am i the same weight as when i delivered her but i am a lot looser. its really making things harder for me now. he says he loves me and finds me attractive and s_xy, but i cant get over this.


Amy_mommy - May 2

omg! this is terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


anne - May 2

you're telling me. i didn't know until recently but, plastic surgeons perform surgeries on the v____a. at least im not alone, but still. its so embara__sing and i am afraid my husband will get tired of me. he loves me but i was really "small" and now im too big for him. he is so nice about it but i am so humiliated.


Brandi - May 3

My husband said it feels a little different but not like he thought it would, he said it doesn't feel looser really but just a little different. I'm only 2 1/2 weeks postpartum and am doing kegals to help, that's what I've heard helps the most.


Marlene - May 3

The first time I "did it" after the baby he was 4wks and it felt great to both of us. I was a little sore of course but I asked him if it felt different and he said no it felt fine he was shocked at how tight it was. I even ripped a little during the delivery


starr - May 5

Everybody's body is different. I think a lot of people automatically a__sume that because you've had a baby you will be "looser" which is not necessarily true. With my first I waited 4 wks. and I was extremely tight and it was very painful the first time we tried it. And with the episiotomy it's ususally the female who may have loss some sensation.


sparkles - May 8

Does s_x hurt more the first time you have it post delivery if you have had an episiotomy? I'm scared that it's going to hurt like crazy or my episiotomy may tear or come apart! And can you use a lubricant like ky jelly?


CarolA - May 13

omg yall didn't wait very long before going at it. I was told 6 weeks, and waited 6 weeks, and it still hurt.


flower.momma - May 16

Here's some good news. My husband says that I am tighter now than before. I guess it depends how tight they st_tch you up. If you still feel loose, try doing some kegel exercises. They really do help.


Amy_mommy - May 17

what is kegal excerise?



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