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Renee924 - January 15

Okay, so I've heard a lot about women who have a hard time getting in the mood for s_x after their babies are born, even after they're given the okay to start again... Im exactly the opposite. My baby is 11 days old, and my husband and I have a countdown til the six weeks is up and we can again. Anyone else like this? I never thought I'd look forward to it again let alone, be counting down the days, lol.


lenae - January 15

After my first was born I almost dreaded it but I had a lot of tears and was afraid of the pain they might cause, after my second I was feeling well enough that night, but of course we didn't. We waited 4 weeks per doctors orders as my second wasn't anywhere near as traumatic to my body. Hope this next one goes as well as the last.


MamaStacy - January 19

I am the same way Renee I think I have the opposite hormones, pre pregnancy i loved s_x, even more then my husband, during pregnacy I wasnt a big fan of s_x at all, I still had it but it wasnt as good. Now I am almost 4 weeks pp and I cant wait to get it on either.


steph207 - May 4

I am exactly like that. I probably had a higher s_x drive than my husband before pregnancy but during pregnancy ahh I hated it, it was awful, it's now been 5.5 weeks since I delivered but we only waited 4 weeks...I called dr and got the ok ha


d - May 4

I am going nuts too... I was 4 weeks pp yesterday.. While I was pregnant I couldn't get enough of dh.. Even after I had our son I wanted it, but of course gotta wait.. I was in labor for 58 hours, pushed for 3 and ended up needing a c-section.don't know if it is any different with waiting time with actually having dilated....I so want to call my dr, but I know how he is.. By the book... Anyone having dreams about it? I wake up almost every night sweating... Sorry if that is TMI but I am going crazy without be able to have actual s_x with dh.. I got the drs appt marked and told dh as soon as i get the ok, he better get home a.s.a.p from work.. I am very impatient for that day and dh is getting impatient too.. You can only do sooo much of the other stuff.... and it is hard to find time too. lol.



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