Should I Let My Baby See Its Grandparents

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Vicky - September 24

im only 16 and 16weeks pregnant. we didnt plan it, the condom split and i took the morning after pill but obviously didnt work! i tryed to make the best of a bad situation and decided i could do it as my side of the family are really suportive. but my boyfriend side (babys daddy) are still angry, they didnt really aprove of me in the first place because there very over protected of there son. they called me stupid for not wanting to kill my baby and said id be ruining my life. i also had a bleed at about 10weeks and went in to hospital. later i found out that they told my boyfriend that they hope i had a miscarriage. i personally dont want anything to do with them but i dont no wether to let them see the baby after its born? your opions please :) xXx


Michelle - September 25

The mere thought of someone hoping that my baby would die before it is born would send me into a rage that not only would they not see the baby, the last thing they WOULD see is the back of my hand upside their head. It does not matter how old the 2 of you are, that is still a beautiful innocent baby and anyone that wishes death on it does not deserve to be anywhere near it once it is born!


Mallory - September 25

I agree with Michelle. How can anyone wish an innocent life to be terminated, no matter the situation?! Anyways, do take into consideration that the parents may just be disappointed in their teenage son for having s_x. It might dawn on them sooner or later that that child is their grandchild and they will realize they truely love it, no matter where or when it came about.


kr - September 27

I think simply by having the baby you are proving your in-laws wrong.Your baby's life is justified.I also think you will get more satisfaction by allowing them to see him/her after s/he is born.They will feel regret for what they said earlier every time they see your child.This is your chance to show them what it means to be a loving person. of course you shouldn't feel pushed to allow them to visit right away, nor should you let them visit at all if you think your child will not be safe with them. Good for you for standing up for your baby.


Ani - October 21

Look at it rationally. The big picture is, this is an unexpected pregnancy. They are angry and worried that you are going to have this baby and ruin his life. Well, its not really their choice. Its yours. I am 24 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and he was unexpected, even by me. At first i didnt want him myself. I changed my mind. For the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy my boyfriend didnt want me to have the baby either. Now thats all changed. No hes not thrilled to be a dad, frankly im not thrilled to be a mom. But he is accepting of it. For weeks at the start he was pushing me to have an abortion, even after i said that i wanted to keep the baby. But even though he thought that he hated me and the baby, he loves us now. I think its awesome that you are keeping your little one, and i think its wonderful that you are not letting anyone stand in your way. Seriously, i will NEVER bring it up that my boyfriend strongly wanted me to have an abortion, once the baby is born. Nor will i stop him from being a part of his life. They will come around, and if they dont then your decision to let them see the baby is already made for you. If they dont like the baby after its born they wont want to see it. If they love it, like they are supposed to, let them. Just dont haunt them, UNLESS they haunt you. Good luck! Remember, you are NEVER alone in this!


Dustie - October 28

I think you should just wait & see how you feel about the situation after the baby is born. They may apologize (I am sure they will) after the baby gets here and you may have a good relationship with them. You never know what will happen. But if you feel the same after it is born, don't feel guilty about forbiding them to see it, it is your decision! Just be sure the father agrees with you or he will let them see it anyway.


Ronny - October 30

The saddest part of it is you have to go through this pregnancy with this over your head. I suggest you distance your self from your boyfriends family you do not have to interact with them., the best thing right now is to take yourself away the negative people right now. Luckily you have your family to support you, which alot of girls in yourr situation don't have. Take care of yourself and your baby, that is what is important right now. After the baby comes could be different but don't hold your breath, again as long as you have the support of your boyfriend after the baby comes that is what should matter. But be supportive of your man if he continues to get some flack, he maybe getting the same garbage after your baby is born. Remember that one set of grandparents is just as good as two sets. Vicky keep positive will be thinking of you and your family.


kr - November 7

Hi Vicky, I was just wondering how you are doing. Did you figure anything out with the grandparents. Have they had time to com,e around and offer support?



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