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mariah - November 2

I just had a baby a week and a half ago. My baby will sleep for like 3,4,5 hours at a time but I can't sleep. I'm starting to feel very weird and sad and cying allot. I'm so over tired. Does anyone else have or had this? If so what do you do? I have tried..bath,warm milk, everything but I still can't sleep. I feel like I need something to knock me right out. Any help please??


lisa - November 6

mariah, i feel similar, but only during the evenings when after feeling good all day i feel dread/sick to the stomache/nervous/tiard/helpless/fear of b___stfeeding and like i will never get my life back, im reasearching these feelings on the net, andit looks like its pretty normal but i will talk to my midwife about it tommorow, the worst for me was the first night after the birth at home, i felt like i had dont the worst thing in my life, similar to what you would feel i guess if you had gone and murdered 6 people and were trying to go to bed, it was horrid, every night i get this mildly, sorry i cant help, hopefully someone who can will read this


mariah - November 6

Yes well it turned out that I have ppd and I am now on meds for this. Talk to your doc or midwife. Don't let it get out of control


apple - November 10

Talk 2 someone, had had ppd and it was not easy you have to realize ur life has changed once again and it is very hard to adjust to taking care of this person 24 7, u do need family or friends around you right now, u need a network of people to talk to there may be times when you just need so air. please get help though this is serious. because your body needs rest in order to take care of the baby.


Jenny - December 7

My son is now 5 months and I am having the same problem, like exactly. It has been about 1 1/2 weeks now. Did you find an answer to your question?


Jill - January 10

Mariah, I wouldn't panic and think right away you have ppd. I felt the exact same way and cried constantly for the first 2 weeks after I had baby. I cried every time I thought about how things were "Before" and lamented that nothing would ever be good, comforting, easy, or happy again. I cried every time I was alone or knew I was going to be alone (husband works nights sometimes). I thought I'd go insane with sleeping for 1- 3 hours at a time and then having to get up for 1 - 2 hours inbetween to feed, change, and calm a crying baby. I was angry at myself for not knowing what I was really getting into. It's now almost 3 weeks, and I feel alot better - even though I'm still not sleeping through the night, I've started to nap more during the day when baby's napping. I don't cry all the time (still a little). You may come to terms with your new situation and find your own ways to realx. I find a hot shower makes me feel 100% better. Also, if you have someone you really trust to babysit for a couple of hours while you go out and do something normal you did before baby came, or even take baby out with you (we've done both a few times) You'll see how your "old"life isn't gone forever, and how you will make baby part of it. Just make sure you don't sit around the house all day - you'll go totally INSANE. I also like to hear peoples stories of how their baby's start sleeping through the night around week 5 or so. I'm counting down the days! Good LUCK!



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