Stay At Home Moms

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Alisha - September 2

How many stay at home moms are out there? Do you ever get bored? What do you do to make the day go by better?


Alisha - September 4

I don't hang out with any of my friends anymore like I did in H.S. I am 21 now and I know this sounds mean but I don't really like them anymore. I do pretty much the same things you do, clean like crazy, and play with my son, and wait for my husband to come home. I was just thinking a little something different now and then might be nice. Any ideas???


wenling - September 5

I have been at home since i found out i was pregnant too,. Now my son is 4 mths and i still stay at home to take care of him. i found out i was preg when i was 19+going on 20. Every day i ALSO seem to be waiting for my husbnd to be home. My friends are all still in college. WE just don't click anymore. I don't like to watch the telly too.. sometimes my husband will bring me out. But all the time, my baby tags along. so we have very little alone time. It's boring yes.. But it's not like my days drag by.. I always have something to do.


me - September 12

I am not a stay at home mom, but here are some ideas I can suggest...pack up your rugrat and go visiting friends or relatives. go take a walk to a park or do something outside with your kid. go shopping for the kid and have all the other parents ooh and ah over him. It is not good to become dependent on your husband. You are partners so if you need some time alone together, have someone babysit for you for the night. Remember, just becasue you are a stay at home mom, doesn't mean you literally have to stay at home. Good luck!


Megan - September 13

I have been a stay at home mom for 3 1/2 years now. I have 3 children. One of the main things that keeps me sane is a club for moms, called the MOMS club. It is a nationwide club, so check into it. They form little playgroups and I've been in the same playgroup now for 1 1/2, and I love the women. It's nice to have somebody to talk to and somebody for your kids to play with. Hope this helps. Oh, and by the way, I'm only 23, so I'm not too old yet!!


to alisha - September 13

Hi, What did you do before you were a stay at home mom? Can you go on walks? Can you try gournet cooking? Can you take your baby and visit older people who live in retirement facilities (they love babies)? It might seem silly or oldfashion, but what has given me a lot of confidence and esteem about staying home is cla__sically housewife stuff. You could even start making people gifts for the holiday (sewing, jewelry, canning, candles, soaps, wreathes). The nice thing about projects like these is that you can also invite people over to do them with you without getting stuck talking about the kids. Lastly, are you involved in any type of church? If you are or want to be that would be a place where you would find many opportunities to be with other people. good luck, and keep reaching out!


Alisha - September 13

I decided to pick up where I left off in sc___pbooking. I love it and it keeps me busy during baby naps. And I now have this website that I like to read what everyone has to say. So thanks you guys you all helped me.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 19

I am a stay at home mom and love it. I do get bored but when I start getting bored there is always something to clean (laundry, vaccuum, dust) There is a park right in front of my house and we go there almost everyday to swing. We also go shopping. Amaya is such a little stinker that she will do anything to get some attention!


Devious - September 26

I actually keep an online journal and vent there since i have no one to vent actually helps alot! and its somethinf fun to do


momma - September 27

i am a stay at home mom and aside from chores i sew and paint and my husband stays home thursdays with our baby so i can see my friends and shoot on a dart leage that i have been on for 3 years with my friends (the bullseye is now a poop diaper to me so far this season i have gotten more bullseyes than ever b4) its great to have get out and not have to lug a diper bag, and carseat,and all that other baby stuff for one night here and there try to get out once in a while just you (with your friends) even if you have to get a sitter you will probly enjoy the time as much as i did (dart season didnt start till she was 5 months, it was my first time away by myself) so have a blast when yopu get away


Pia - October 27

I am 7 months pregnant with my son now and get extremely bored staying at home. Its refreshing to hear so many young women await the arrival of their husbands too! I'm 22, stay at home, on a very limited income and have grown apart from friends. Does anyone have any ideas?? How do you rediscover your FUN self? Why do you have to become boring just because you have kids or are expecting kids? I don't simply want to clean and cook, however, I am out of ideas. I'll be looking forward to your response! Thanks in advance.


Hi Pia - October 27

We're also on a limited income. I'm not sure how well your finances are organized, but on way I have made my home experince even more exciting is by taking a good look at the money situation. Just from learning how to buy in bulk and sell things on ebay I have cut our expenses by 1/3. I like to run a tight ship at home. When my husband comes home I get to brag to him about what I've done. Having him appreciate how I'm managing the house makes my stay seem even more worth while. Do you have all your baby things together? This would be a good time to scour the thrift stores for all the things your baby will need for its first year. Splurge on a pregnant exercise video (or check on out from your public library). Doing an hour of work for your body will give you a real jumpstart. Have you thought about joining a parents group? In some areas there are government funded groups for low income and young parents. You could automatically find some people in your situation. Just keep looking!


glendy - October 28

I am 21 and a stay at home mom. At first I was a little overwhelmed with all of the "home time" but then when my son turned one month we started taking daily trips to the park or to the mall just to walk around. Also, I searched online and you'd be surprised how many mom groups there are. I found one for moms in my area and we get together at least once a week and it's usually nowhere different playgrounds and such. You should look into that..its a lot of fun and you actually meet other moms which helps me feel more normal being a mom at only 21. good luck:)



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