Stretch Mark Cream

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Briannasmommy - February 16

Has anyone ever used a stretch mark cream that is supposed to help lighten existing stretch marks? If so, what was it and how well did it work?


Steff - February 17

Mary Kay Visably Fit Body Lotion worked MIRACLES for one of my girlfriends. You can't even see them anymore.


Brooke - February 20

Strivectin cream worked well for me. However, I can still see them, they just look TONS better!! You can order it online. I might try the Mary Kay stuff though.


babygirls1st - February 24

i've been using plain ole palmers cocoa b___ter. My stretch marks have cleared up tremendously...I use it everyday. I am almost 6mos post partum


mags - February 24

it doesn't help. trust me. i never got one stretchmark. my sister had many and slopped on anything and still streaked up everywhere.


jg - February 26

Mags you are a freak of nature. LOL Just kidding! I put on stretchmark cream from the day i found out (four weeks), twice a day until birth and from 34 weeks i got absolutely COVERED in them!! My belly is an absolute wreck now and will never be allowed to see the light of day again.


anne - February 27

i didnt get them either. i was waiting forever to see them thinking it was a sure thing. every time my midwife would visit she would put her hands up in the air and say "where are the marks??" i delivered my baby without a mark. now if i can just lose the weight...


carol - March 6

i have the stretch marks on my thighs all the way to my knees, my hips, my stomach and b___bs. I even used the cocoa b___ter stuff, but nothing helped. Its not like i gained a ton either, i dont know why i got covered. im only 2 weeks pp and i was wondering how long it would be before they start to fade on their own (or if they do)


expecting - March 9

Okay, so i dont really have any helpful info for you becuase i used palmers cocoa b___ter stretch mark cream from the day i put on a pound until now...almost 37 weeks pregnant and COVERED in stretchmarks in an almost perfect circular formation around my belly b___ton, and i've put on the minimum amount of weight. Everyone i know says i'm tiny for being pregnant but my stretchmarks tell another tale. Now i'm being absolutely plagued by these stories telling me that my stomach is going to be a baggy, saggy, wrinkly only 19...and would like to think that i could wear a skin tight shirt this true, will i have a really saggy tummy after only putting on 25 lbs?...i'm so worried about it it's all i has anyone heard anything about putting castor oil on stretch marks, i've heard it works wonders


Briannasmommy - March 9

Thanks for the replies. I think I'll start with the Mary Kay Stuff. I know they will never go away, but I'll just be happy to get rid of the wrinkled look. expecting...I know what you mean. I gained about 33 lbs, and I didn't see one stretch mark until about 37 I have stretching all over my lower abdomen. I used Cocoa B___ter ever since I started getting a tiny bulge. Maybe it would have been worse if I didn't use that!


aba - March 23

I have new unopened Evederm Stretchmark cream which works amazing on stretchmarks. Anyone who wants it can contact me, I'll give it away for much less than I bought it. I don't need it anymore, and will not be having anymore kids anytime soon so I don't forsee using them, they do work on wrinkles though.... Anyway I will offer them if anyone wans them .


TO ABA - April 2

I would absolutely love to buy that creme from you! I'm only 19 and have a 2 month old... before I got pregnant I was a gymnast, weighed 107 and was 5'3... I only gained 25lbs when I was pregnant and I'm back to my size I was before but I have HORRIBLE stretch marks on my stomach, b___t, legs, b___bs... everywhere!!! Email me if you get this PLEASE!! =) thanks! [email protected]



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