Things Just Getting Too Much

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Sandra - November 17

I'm not quite in the postpartum part yet, but did want to post in case somebody can offer some words of advise. I'm 36 weeks pregnant and at the moment I'm feeling just a little overwhelmed. I had a major meltdown last night and my poor husband didn't know what was going on. I mamaged to control the whole thing just short of a panic attack. I'm scared about the labor, don't know if I can do this motherhood thing, and am very scared of suffering from PND sunsequent to the delivery. I suffered from PND after a miscarriage early in the year, and this kind of feel like the onset of the same thing. Is it possible to have this before the actual delivery, or am what I feeling just "normal" for this part of the pregnancy.Should I mention this to my doctor?


amy - November 18

hey girl. I have soooo been where you are. As far as labour goes, you will be just fine. women have been having babies forever, we are built to do it. I know its scary to think about, but i promise you will get through it just fine (epidural was my saviour! lol) As far as motherhood, nobody gets a manual on what to do, and what not to do, you just read up as much as possuble, listen to peoples advice and opinions, and ultimately just do what feels right for you personally. It can seem really daunting at times, sometimes it comes naturally, and sometimes, we have to learn what to do next. Everybody is a little afraid, no matter how prepared you are, but all you can do is try your very best, and not be afraid to ask for a little help sometimes. Its definately possible to have PND before baby, but they call it Pre Natal Depression, I had it with my son, and then PND afterwards. I am still suffering from it, but I am doing much better, and working through it :) It is just as serious, but is definately treatable, with some therapy or just a chat with someone you really trust and maybe some meds, have a chat with your doctor, and your hubby, and explain how you are feeling, get it checked out, and if it is pnd, nip it in the bud now and start feelung better. I did it on my own at 15, (Im 19 now) I have a background in childcare, ( diloma in childrens services) (started at 14) and I was still totally unprepared for a lot of motherhood, delivery, and particularly PND. I have gotten through it ok, and I am sure you will too. Good luck to you hun. Sorry so long (big hugs) xx Amy



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