Thought I Had Ppd

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stefkay - October 19

I just wanted to post this here in case anyone might have a similar situation and maybe it will help. I had the typical baby blues after my daughter was born in july but then I started slowly having extreme anxiety and mood swings. I worried endlessly about all the bad things that could happen to her (what if there was a fire in the building, what if I fall down the steps carrying her, what if someone breaks in and tries to take her, and so on and so on...). It was driving me nuts. I started having what I thought were panic attacks and then moments of tiredness and some depression. Anyways, I went to the dr. adamant that I didn't want to do psychiatric drugs and she listened to my symptoms and did some bloodwork. It came back I have hyperthyroidism(overactive thyroid) which can cause the anxiety, etc. Many women get this or hypothyroidism(underactive thyroid) and that can cause depression. So one causes anxiety and ocd type symptoms and the other depression. The lines kind of blur at times between the two, but that is the general jist of it. So I got put on thyroid medication and i feel SO much better! I just wanted to share this in case anyone else may have a similar thing and their dr. doesn't think to test. I started feeling better after a few days of meds. I have been on zoloft and paxil and wellbutrin in the past and none of it worked for me. Just made me feel weird and then had withdrawals off of it.


margie - January 12

stef, thank you so much for posting this! i have felt like i never fully recovered from pregnancy in some ways...anxiety, panic attacks, as well as physical symptoms like no s_x drive, v____al dryness, fatigue, chronic just occured to me recently that it could possibly be thyroid related and although i have never had thyroid issues before i also have had high blood pressure since having my baby and never had it before so it has been a year since my last check up at the OB, I will ask him to check it out.


tristansmommy1002 - March 12

omg!! this is exactly how i feel! a few months after i had my baby i started getting real bad anxiety and started worrying about my baby too! i definitely dont want to take anti depressants but im soo tired of feeling like this. Im going to the doc tomorrow and hopefully this is what i have so i can start feeling better!! thank you sooo much for this post!! If i do end up just having a thyroid i thank you so so so so much for posting this!!



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