Unbeareable Hemorrhoid Pain Help

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2StarsOnMyBack - May 24

this is so embarrasing, but i need advice. i gave birth to my baby 3 weks ago on thursday and the worst part of my recovery have been the hemorrhoids the delivery caused. the pain is so bad that i can honestly say i would rather go through my first and second degree tears healing again than this. i have used preparation h, and the witch hazel towelettes. no relief. stool softeners do not do a thing for me. prune juice makes me nauseous. any of you ladies had this problem? what did you use for pain? i am br___tfeeding...


Amy_mommy - May 25

i delivered 6 weeks ago, and just these cuple days, i've started to develop hemmroids and it's painful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't even want to do #2...i try drinking at least 10 gla__ses of water but it seem like it's not going away......!!!


JEN - May 25

I took hydrocodone for nearly a month after my baby was born- mostly b/c of hemorrhoid pain, and I was b___stfeeding and did just fine (obviously my doc prescribed them to me, so they are safe). Now at 6 months after birth, one still remains, but the pain is gone. I agree with the above post- dring a lot of water and take a stool softner.


San - May 25

I feel your pain! I agree with the drinking of lots of water, stool softener & try and eat more fiber. Mine were still around and painful when my daughter was 10 mths when I finally went back to my doctor and he ended up lancing them. It hurt like crazy to get them lanced but took care of the problem. Good luck!


kh - May 30

I completely understand. My daughter will be 6 weeks old Friday and I'm still having issues. That has definitely, without a doubt been the worst part of recovery--I couldn't even walk normally for the first week or 2, and I couldn't sit without my donut cushion. Sitz baths and constant use of the cream (prescription, forgot the name) helped, but they are still not gone. I find that eating a lot of fiber keeps me regular, but that just worsens the problem because they get inflamed every time I go. Stool softeners didn't help me either. Consistent use of cream seems to be the best thing for it. I'm sorry--I know it's horrible and I keep saying this will be an only child because I can't go through this again!!! ;)


Amy_mommy - May 31

i agree with KH, i can't go through another pregnancy....but husband wants another one!!!!!!!!!!!!! my hemmoroid isn't getting better....i use those hydrocortizone creame & i'll see how it goes.......KEEP DRINKING WATER!!!!


Atarahsmommy - May 31

I haven't given birth yet, so I don't know what you women are going through yet, (hopefully I won't) but 2StarsOnMyBack you said drinking prune juice makes you nauseous, you should try kiwi, they are good for you and they are a naural laxitive like prune juice, but hopefully they wont make you nauseous, I can't help you with the pain, but I hope that helps with the softening


fasha12 - June 2

Tucks suppositories are WONDERFUL! I too had hemorrhoids both before and after delivery. I used the magic suppositories, Tucks pads, and stool softners and that seemed to really help! ALso after a painful bathroom session, sit on a heating pad and stay off your feet for awhile. That helps tremendously too. Increase your fiber intake and drink lots! There is no magic cure, but you can manage them. Hope that helps.


2StarsOnMyBack - June 5

Thanks ladies for all of your comments. I am Proud to say that as of yesterday, the pain has gone away and i can now walk normally. Another thing i discovered soothes the area y compresses of olive oil... Gosh, I swear olive oil is the best thing ever. I use it for everithing. Atarahsmommy, thanks for the kiwi advise, now thats one laxative i can tolerate. Everyone, Hang in there!!!


San - June 16

KH & Amy_mommy- just wanted to give a few words of encouragement. I posted earlier about my first pregnancy and horrible hemorrhoids. Well, I just had my second daughter on Tues and I was sooo scared about how much pain I would be in this time and you what? I didn't get a single one this time!! So there is hope and you don't necessarily have to have an only child :)



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