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deborah969 - October 2

Okay ladies... it's time for us to lose the pregnancy weight and I was thinking that with some encouragement from others going through the same thing... perhaps we could all help each other??? It doesn't matter how you lose the weight, if you follow a diet plan, exercise all day, or whatever you like... the only thing you need to do is tell a bit about yourself, how much you want to lose, maybe how much you weigh, goals, plans, etc... anything you wish to share would be great... then through the days/weeks/months we can hopefully all encourage each other to lose the weight... anyone game??? I'll go first!


deborah969 - October 2

Hey everyone... I'm Deb and I gained a lot of weight while pregnant! I was told to take it easy throughout my pregnancy and couldn't work at all... so, coupled with no exercise and a big weakness for ice cream, I gained about 60 pounds! YIKES... it looks even worse when I write it! Anyways, I'm about 35 pounds heavier now than when I was pregnant and I'd like to lose between 40 - 50 pounds in total. My weight right now is about 180 pounds! I'm starting to cut out sweets and I like dancing to work off the weight, so I try to do that at least 4 - 5 times a week. And also go for walks a few times a week with my family. That's it for now... hopefully we'll get a good group going and we can all benefit from it!


Lovedblessings - October 3

Hey Deborah.. Good plan!! It would be great just to have someone to tell what I did for excersise and what I ate for the day.. Just to make each other accountable for our choices. I feel great that my thighs are not rubbing together anymore since I started working out. 4 or 5 times a week I am at the gym. The weight machine are my ant gravity friends at the moment. I told my DH I am trying to fit into a bikini for the end of December. 25 pounds to go! Help!! Talk to you soon!


deborah969 - October 3

Hiya Loved... sounds great! Though if I eat ice cream can I still play? LOL I can imagine how great it feels for your thighs... I was just thinking about that very same thing yesterday. How's the gym working out for you? Bikini at the end of December eh? Did you tell your hubby he has to take you away to Florida in January? 25 pounds is like the weight of 3 average babies... just keep picturing Jackson coming off of you... every time you pick him up, that's about how much weight is going to be worked off in the next few months. With hard work and good eating habits, you should lose that by December... and I'll be here to help you out. Hopefully we'll get some more people interested and we can really motivate each other. I have a scale that weighs in 1/4 lbs... so, every day I keep watching it to go down at least 4 ounces. LOL Most days it's been doing it, and I have to tell you when I get up in the morning and see even the littlest difference in the right direction, gives me even more incentive to keep going. I did check out the sacred heart diet and I'm going to talk to my mother-in-law about doing it with me when she arrives for her visit next week. I know she wants to lose some weight and it'll be easier if someone does it with me, I think. How much soup did you get from that recipe? Does it have to be green onions, or can I use regular yellow ones? Anyways... Dani has started to fuss, so I must run for now. Keep up the good work, and remember to keep active... even little things make a difference cause they all add up! Take the stairs and walk whenever you can. Take 1 minute pauses to do some squats or lunges as often as you can through the day. Take care!


javidsgirl - October 4

hey ladies, mind if i join? i have lost 40 pounds so far 20 after the babe was brn and 20 on my own in the last 8 weeks. i have another 40 to go as for i am the worst dieter ever but i have been doing good i but out bread from my diet just recently but so far i have just been drinking green tea after i eat and one bottle of water before i eat and eating smaller portion of what i like to eat it has been working so far but i am doing to alterations to my diet


javidsgirl - October 4

oh and i walk 3 -5 miles a day and excersise at home to by using my stairs and mat


deborah969 - October 4

Hiya javidsgirl... of course you can join! The more the merrier, right? I thought we could find some encouragement here, and a place to get these dieting woes off our chest and of course, a place to share our triumphs too! That's great you've lost 40 pounds already. I seem to be hovering at the moment and I would really like to start seeing the weight come off. Your plan sounds like it's working great for you. Cutting out bread is a great idea, cause protein is the way to go when trying to lose weight and build muscle... unfortunately, it seems we love to eat all the wrong foods. For me it's a lifestyle choice... instead of living to eat, I have to get it in my head that I need to eat to live! I love to cook almost as much as I love to eat! I'm sure if you stick with your routine you're going to lose the other 40 pounds before you know it. Let's try and slim down before Christmas so we have the extra incentive to stay away from all the goodies everyone brings out during the holiday season. Thanks for joining with us, javidsgirl. Heya loved... hope all is going great with you? Did you get to the gym again? Keep up the good work... keep thinking about those thighs getting thinner and more toned every time you work out. Speaking of that... time for me to bust a move. Take care and speak soon.


javidsgirl - October 4

yeah i am hoping to be slimmer for the holidays that is forsure i would like to be buy some new clothes becuase i am thinner not fatter for a change lol. i also forgot to mention i am taking the vitamin biotin aswell becuase it helps your body to metabolize fats and carbs it is the vit that is grapefruit juice but i hate unsweeten grapefruit juice so i just take the vit :) i am so clever ha ha ha or by the way my name is tanya and my dd is mariam


MNMOM - October 4

Hey girls, Can I join in? I don't get this forum much, but maybe this will be my incentive to :) My son is 3.5 months old, and I have lost 42 pounds since I was pregnant with him. I have 17 to go to reach my goal. I only gained 25 pounds during my pregnancy, it was all the weight I gained before I got pregnant that is the problem! :) I haven't committed to exercise yet, but I am going to have to work some time for that into my routine slowly. With 2 kids and a long commute to work, it is tough. Right now I am focussed on my diet, that and b___stfeeding helped a ton; unfortunately I am quitting bf now as my milk supply is pretty much non-existent, and I am really really sad and upset about that.


javidsgirl - October 4

wow MNMOM 42 pounds is great how old is oldest lo? you must be a busy mama with working and taking care of two little ones. sucks about the milk supply have you tried herbal supplements to get it picked up agian?


MNMOM - October 4

javidsgirl: My oldest son is 4. Yes, I tried this week Fenugreek to help stimulate milk production with not much results in the milk department, it made me sweat a ton and have painful gas (sorry tmi). I think the problem is that I just cannot nurse enough to have a realistic amount....I get home at 4:45 every night and nurse at about 5:30-6:00, then he goes to bed at 8:00 and sleeps until 7:00 am...I get to work at 7:00 and pump and then pump again at 12 and if I am really lucky at 2:00...so 4 times a day max is just not enough demand/stimulation/etc. I realize I could try to pump every 2 hours, but in my real world life, that is just not going to happen. I am so frustrated that life has to be this way.


javidsgirl - October 4

Fenugreek did nothing for me ethier it made sweat too but had no probs in the gas department. well i think with a four yr old at home that is all the excerise program you need lol he must keep you going


deborah969 - October 5

Hiya ladies... welcome to our weight loss challenge MNMOM. Wow 42 pounds so far, that's fantastic! I hear you on the b___stfeeding woes. My daughter has gotten so fussy about it, and I didn't think to pump at the same time, so I'm almost out of milk too. I was debating that fenugreek stuff, but if it didn't help you guys, then maybe I should just leave it alone. Sounds like you're really busy with working and two little ones! YIKES! My girl is 15 weeks now and my son is 15 years... shall I tell you who is the easier one? LOL My son has decided that he is the one to make the decision whether or not he goes to school these days! Well, I've decided that I'm the one who's taken away his computer, xbox, playstation, and game cube! So, since he's working, he goes out and buys xbox 360 yesterday... well, guess that's going in my locked cupboard as well! KIDS! Anyways... so, it is another day and the scale does not want to move... oh well, I feel better about what I am doing... so, ladies... keep up the good work and hope to hear from you all! p.s..... I cannot use contractions because every time I go to use my apostrophe, I get the little french e... comme ca - è!!! Help! Any ideas how to get rid of it... hey, I cannot use the question mark either... LOL it comes out like this - É This is retarded... anyways, take care girls.


javidsgirl - October 5

deb i think you have to change the keyboard setting can"t remember how to do it though. so you have teenager at home oh boy do you still have all your hair lol. well atleast you will be perpared for your dd"s teen years i wouldn't recommend fenugreek personaly becuase of the fact it makes you sweat something terrible i would actualy soak a shirt it was so bad


deborah969 - October 8

Thanks javidsgirl, it's all better now... no more french e`s! So, yeah... I've got a 15 year old son, and yes, sometimes I want to pull out all my hair! And if my daughter is anything like I was, then being an older mom won't matter cause my hair will already be grey! Thanks for the heads up about the fenugreek... doesn't sound the least bit attractive to me. ....................................Ladies, I hope you're all doing great with your weight loss plans. With Thanksgiving here, well... here in Canada... I'm sure to eat too much, so I'll have to make up for it on Tuesday. My in-laws are in town with us for a few weeks, so I'll pop in when I can and hope that we can encourage each other to success! The saying "There's strength in numbers" is absolutely true... keep focused on the end result and know that every little bit we do, whether it's good or bad, DOES make a difference. Try those 1 minute lunges/squats 10 times a day and see how you feel in a week. Cut out one thing that's not good for you and already you're making a difference. Anyways... it has been a long day... so, I will wish everyone a good night.


javidsgirl - October 8

oh your cdn to deb well happy thanksgiving to you i enjoyed alittle to much turkey and stuffing this weekend and not to mention that piece of pumpkin pie yummy i am sure it all went to my behind lol i think i will enjoy a nice long walk today it"s alittle cool today but not to bad


Lovedblessings - October 9

Hope everyone had a great THanks Giving! Well Christmas is just around the corner... does anyone have a goal they would like to set for then? Pumkin pie was great, so was the turkey. DOn't think I over did it so that's a relief! Today I ran and went to the gym in the morning. Ladies I feel positive about losing this weight. Looking forward to supporting each other!



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