Wellbutrin Anyone

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Rainie - April 16

I was just put on wellbutrin a few days ago... I really hope it works coz I'm feeling very down and very very tired. Anyone else have any experiences with wellbutrin?


Allen - June 10

Yes, I take 300mg's a day and I really am glad I take it


lily - June 11

Hey girls, how many weeks are you? I'm 18 weeks and i have panic disorder and now i began to feel depress and the doctor told me to take Zoloft i really need it i feel that i cant function no more with out meds i was on paxil for almost 3 years after i had my baby until i got pregnant again now that i had to stop and i was trying to do it on my own but is too hard i get a couple of panic episoded a day. What do you think?


Beth - June 16

Yes, I took wellbutrin a few years ago. It wasn't the one that lasts all day, I was taking it 2x a day, and felt so much better with it! I tried zoloft for a week, but it had s_xual side effects, ie: no orgasm! (sorry, tmi) However, there were no problems with wellbutrin. My husband was on paxil for a few months, until we realized that was why he couldn't ejaculate. (tmi again) But you can't have that when you want to get pregnant...


Kara - August 28

I took welbutrin before i got pregnant. While i was on it I couldnt stop clenching my jaw and it gave me severe head aches which stressed me out even more. however my friend who took it said it helped her aq lot so i think it depends on the person.


Jeff - September 9

Rainie, are you still pregnant or nursing? If so, you may want to stop the Welbutrin just to be safe. It is a cla__s "B" pregnancy risk, meaning it has a low risk to the fetus, BUT it IS pa__sed to the fetus through the placenta blood-stream and after you deliver it IS pa__sed to the infant through your b___st-milk. Most doctors recommend STOPPING Welbutrin until you've delivered, and then BOTTLE-FORMULA-FEEDING the baby so you can get back on your meds.


Katie - September 28

Wellbutrin was the ONE drug that worked for my PPD. I actually felt like myself again!!! Unfortunately, that was short-lived b/c I developed a weird allergy to it, which made all of my joints and muscles ache. My dd is now 28 months, and my PPD still isn't gone... it has been so hard trying to find the right med... I'm thinking of trying Wellbutrin once more just to be sure... BTW, it was the only one without s_xual side effects for me too -- out of Zoloft, Desipramine and Effexor). Katie


TonysWife - May 14

Hi--I've been on Wellbutrin for 12 years and it, along with therapy, literally saved my life. I have tried several other antidepressants and this is the best for me.



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