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[email protected] - June 26

I am 25 weeks pregnant w/ my first child and I feel like I’m going crazy. To be blunt, I am p___sed off at the world. I hate my job, I hate my husband, I hate myself. I know it’s only hormones screwing with me, but I don’t know if I can take this anymore. I’ve heard of postpartum depression, but not during (partum depression?). I’m not having scary thoughts, but I feel so ANGRY I can’t even see straight. And it’s making the people around me, most of all my husband, hate me. What do a I do?


Angela - January 29

Even though the term is postpartum depression, it can hit some women early and you have it right: it’s all hormones. They’re out of whack and it’s not your fault that you feel so angry and confused. But you do need to get a handle on it before you alienate everyone in your life. The best advice I can think of is to see your doc, who may send you to therapy, at least until your hormones level out. There may be meds that are safe now or one you deliver. At very least you’ll have someone to talk to, and all expecting moms need that, at very least. Let us know what happens! A: Praying helps me. If you belong to a church or synagogue, I would recommend seeking counsel of a spiritual nature. It helped me through a tough time with my first child.


rebecca - February 9

i didnt have this problem with my first child ( was the opposite) but im now 18 weeks preg with my second, the whole pregnancy i have been so irritable and grumpy, if some thing/ some one is p__sing me off i try my best to walk away and take time to my self (not easy with a 3 y/o) to calm down and then if i feel rational enough to go back to the problem and if not i try to forget it.. try explaining to your partner and other people that this is a difficult time for u and they need to be a little more understanding..of course if u are really worried about this talk to a doctor


Val - June 26

i can a lot to do with the s_x of the child I have three boys and I am having a girl this time The first three i eas usually in very good spirits but this time im such a b___h sometimes i can't stand myself. This my not help much except for giving you a reason for what your feeling


karen - November 16

That is hoew I feel every time I am pregnant. But as soon as the baby is born, I feel just fantastic, the mood changes and everything is great. So just hang in there, it won't last past the first weeks after the birth...


Kristin Hartin - January 28

I'm not excited about being pregnant and almost want to jsut end it. I also question if I'm even in love w/ my fiance anymore. I hate how he talks, eats, breaths I don't want him to touch me at all and really can't stand being in the same room as him. Is this hormones or am I going crazy. I feel like my life is over now.


vicky - April 12

im 28 wks with my 3rd. Theres only 14 mths between this one and the last one so it wasnt planned and i am so angry to be in this situation again. I can honestly say i dont feel like i know who i am anymore, im just angry all the time and furious at the drop of a hat.I cant find any info on this but finding this makes me realise im not alone in feeling this way.Also i wonder if its made worse by the fact im having a boy this time and the last 2 are girls?Who knows i just wish it was all over so i can start enjoying my son and forgeting my c___p pregnancy!


aaliyah - June 13

i am 24 weeks with my first child i can't do anything i am just going crazy so i have to stay on my back all the time. i am all way being mean to people who come around me they alwayz touching me . what do i do to stop being mean to every body around me?


stacie - June 15

i'm 19 and 25 weeks pregnant i've had a great pregnantcey up until now everything someone seems to say to me i get p__sed of upset about not to mention the father of my child is being a jerk and wont even talk to me or man up to the fact his got a child on the way so that doesnt help much at all i have lots of support from my mom and the babies father family but i dont think i could talk to them about this i act like it doesnt bother me that i havent talked to him sense i told him i was pregnant but it really does i am usually a very strong person and dont let things get to me but i just burst into tears now can anyone relate?


Ana - November 27

I am 28 weeks pregnate and I was wondering is it bad that my baby moves alot?



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