What To Do To Avoid Depression After Baby Is Born

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Maureen - August 18

I have a history in my family, (my Mother that is) of depression. I am worried after the baby is born, I may become depressed although right now I feel really "Great" at 24 weeks pregnant. Can you suggest what to do after I give birth to try to "avoid depression"? please answer as soon as possible, Thank you.


Shelly - June 20

It helps to have people around you to help. When ever anyone ask you if they can help, say yes. Give them a household chore to do for you. It's easier to not get depressed when your whole house isn't falling apart arround you. If you have help, you can devote all your time to your baby. I'v even had friends that keep a list on their firge and just tell people to pick something off the list to help out. It really works! Good luck.


Mika - June 24

Try fish oil or an omega-3 product. http://www.softecare.com/Ingredients/omega-3_fetal_development.cfm Postpartum Depression and Omega-3 Fish Oils: Postpartum depression should be of major concern during pregnancy. By adding the omega-3 fatty acid DHA to your diet, you can significantly decrease the effects of postpartum depression. Current research shows a link between a mother's DHA intake and postpartum depression, the latter of which affects 15-20% of women in the U.S. It is important to remember that fetal development, as well as newborn infant development, depends on the maternal supply of DHA. If a mother’s supply of DHA is low, the fetus will take most of that supply leaving the mother depleted of DHA, thus leading to one possible precursor to the development of postpartum depression condition.


Ellen - August 18

My family has a strong history of Depression as well (Grandmother, Two aunts, sister and myself have all been diagnosed). As a result postpartum depression is a concern for me as well. Talk with you health care provider and watch for signs. If you feel yourself falling seek out help as soon as possible so you can try to curb the effects of the depression as soon as possible. If you are afraid you may not recognize the signs in yourself ask you partner and others close to you to help. Sometime depression is unavoidable, but it is easier to deal with and ususally quicker to recover from if it is caught and treated early... Best of luck!


Danielle - October 1

I so agree. I made sure before I brought baby home I had family lined up to help me through the first tough weeks. Everything (Emotions) is intensified by 100 when you just had a baby. So that pile of laundry on the floor and the dishes in the kitchen and the fact that your floor could really use a vacuuming makes you want to jump off a cliff instead of just making you feel lazy, like usual. DONT despair! When people offer to help, they really mean it! Is that not cool? So say YES please! It will make them happy to help and it will make you happy to have your house in order while you get to know your new little baby.


rhianna - October 8

think of good things of you and your baby


To Mika: - December 27

You sound like an infomercial for Omega 3!!



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