Why Does This Have To Happen To Me

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leecia - August 26

I am 20 years old and 32weeks pregnant. And lately i have been a mess crying for the dumbest stuff! Stuff i look back and laugh at my self. Now the people that mean the most to me are all leaving! All thruough high school i have had three friends all males that have stuck with me through thick and thin and have always been there for me when i needed them! they are real friends that would do anything for me and i woukd do the same! anyways one moved to pheonix when i found out i was pregnant and is so happy out there and i am so happy for him but i really miss him we were always together and everything reminds me of him he visits family every weekend and never forgets to stop and spend some time with me. my other friend just joined the marines and he had talked about it all through the 10 years i have known him we also had the same relationship he just got sent to iraq until april i am so worried about him i cried for weeks when i found out he is not to concerned at least hemakes it seem that way i dont want anything bad to happen to him! and my last friend moved to las vegas the beginning of this month and had was also really happy he went out there found a job a good job a nice place to live and was coming back for his wife and son he was in a hurry to get back so he called and said he would see me next weekend the next day his wife called me to let me know that on heis way there he got in a really bad accident and did not make it! i just couldnt believe it i didnt want to! but everything reminds me of him all my pictures around my house they are all like my little family i feel like i lost a brother i have been crying for three days straight i just cant stop today i finally got out of bed i am going to visit his family but i think tha that will just make me even sadder! i feel like my world is falling apart and i just needed to get it all out i talk to my boyfriend and he has been good at trying to make me feel better but he is sad too cause they are his good friends too !


missy - August 31

I am so sorry for ur loss. Maybe after u have ur baby and ur hormones go back to normal things won't seem so bad or at least u'll be able to deal with them better. best wishes


Mrs.C - August 31

Seeing the family will only help, there will be many others to comfort and be comforted by. Keep up on your nutrition...it will help the baby (who naturally takes your best nutrients) and help you thru this. B vitamins are HUGE factors in being able to handle stressful situations, as well as everyday things such as brain fog. Get a good B-50 and take 1-2 every day with food (HIGHLY nutritious foods) also it will help you to sleep at nite. Drink lots of water, you've been crying all that you need :) I'm 41wks with my 4th and I still have the whole world upside-down when I'm expecting. The good days do come back, eating right and taking care of yourself (which IS taking care of your baby) only makes for better days. Though situations may not change, your perspective will. Remember that God's peace will get you thru anything. Anything.



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