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tiffini malloy - October 12

I am 27 years old. I have a 5 year old daughter, (who is verry difficult to handle most of the time.) a 16 month old son, (who is also hard to handle. He is always getting into things, even after being redirrected and told no 20 times he continues to do it anyways.) I am pregnant now and due on november 15th. I am use to working a full time job and not being home with the kids, but i got laid off 3 months ago, and with the price of daycare, my fiancae does'nt think that it will pay off for me to return to work after the baby is born. I am not the housewife type. I feel like I'm being trapped and I am resenting him more and more every day. Oh, did I mention that I also have a 12 year old step daughter from his previous marriage. So, my question is- Will I ever be o.k. being a house wife?


kr - October 13

Hi, I'm not going to tell you, that you are lucky to have a working husband, I'm sure you count that blessing everyday. I also have a working husband, but having a great husband only makes me feel worse for not enjoying my stay at home status.I had just graduated college and started my career when I got pregnant. I landed my dream job 2 months in, but I felt guilty taking it if I had to leave, so now I'm at home. What has helped me is talking to my husband. Ever since I voiced my feelings he has been sure to compliment how much I do around the house during the day. That makes me feel like I haven't been wasting my time cooking,cleaning and running around. He also talks to me about what I would like to do in the future. We do this often. It is not an a__sumption that I will always be a staying at home, so that makes my return to work easier to comprehend. Make sure your husband knows how you feel. Tell him you need recognition. It will be harder to resent him if he says 'thank you' often. You will be ok, but it will take you acknowledging your hard work every single day.



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