16 Weeks Only Gained 3 Lbs

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jk - June 28

Hi everyone. I’ll like to know if anyone can help me with my dilemma. I'm 16 weeks pregnant and I've only gained 3 lbs so far. I was a normal weight before (130 lbs, 5'6") and haven't had a single morning sickness yet. My stomach did get bigger and I had an ultrasound so the baby seems to be doing well, but I’m worried that I haven’t gained enough weight. Also my doctor and everyone else said that it's perfectly normal, but everything I read online says that I should've gained more weight by now. I make sure I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and try to have good food three times a day but really haven't changed my eating habits all that much since I don't have any extra appet_te. Any suggestions as to what I should do? Should I even worry about it this early in my pregnancy? Should I add more calories to my diet or just wait it out until my next appointment with the doctor hopefully she'll comment on it then? Any replies are very much appreciated.


danielle - July 3

I wouldn't worry about it. If you are eating healthy that is what matters. I don't remember how much weight I gained when, I was sick until about week 14 so I lost weight at first. I am 38 wks right now and my weight gain has been only 15lbs. They say 25-30lbs but my doctor says weight gain has been steady and all is fine. Actually I feel bigger this pregnancy than I did with my other 2 and I think I gained more with them. This pregnancy is all baby. I think you are fine.


danielle - July 3

Oh yeah, I was also normal weight prepregnancy (about the same as you)


jk - July 6

Thanks a lot. I feel better that I'm not the only one :)


Ranya - July 8

Don't worry, I'm 24 wks and still haven't gained any net weight from the begining of pregnancy. I'm 120 lbs, 5'4". My uterus and baby are the correct size, stomach and b___sts getting bigger. Asked my doctor last week about the lack of weight gain especially that I read you needed fat stores for b___stfeeding and he said not to worry that I'll eventually put on and that most women would be happy. Also in Europe and Australia Ob/Gyn don't even weigh their patients anymore! Lastly, there are more women complaining about too much weight gain so it makes our problem seem petty and not worth talking about. Just focus on eating well, taking your vitamins, and staying healthy, it's much more important!


lynnstress - July 8

I had my 16 week appointment last week, and I have only gained 3 pounds as well, but I started out overweight. I would not worry at this point - we are not even at the half-way mark! Sounds like you are eating very healthy. Keep up the good work!


tmm6265 - July 8

I never had an extra appet_te. I didn't really start to gain until 25 weeks. As long as you eat 3 meals a day (small) and take your vitamins don't worry. A lot of people even lose weight during the first part of pregnancy. I never was able to eat a lot. I had to make myself eat. I ended up gaining 3 pounds but didn''t even eat as much as I did pre-pregnancy. Don't worry...your baby will take what it wants.


Jenna - July 9

I wouldn't worry about it. Your baby only weighs about 6oz right now so I'm sure you've gained enough for him/her. Once the baby starts growing faster you will start to gain more.


Valerie - July 26

I wouldn't worry about it either. I am also 16 weeks pregnant with my first. When I first found out I weighed 140, within the next 2 months I lost 20 pounds. I am now back up to 126. My doctor and everyone else I have talked to said that it is not uncommon. I have been eating the same and have not had any sickness at all.


Ashley - August 3

I'm also sixteen weeks pregnant and have only gained four pounds so i wouldn't worry about it. my doctor said that as long as i am eating healthy its ok.


Kerry - August 7

I am neither overweight or underweight...just average size and I have had the same problems With my first child 3 years ago I lost 10 pounds in my first trimester and didn't start to gain any of it back until I was about 16-18 weeks. But I didn't have any appet_te with her either and I had to force myself to eat. Now 12 weeks along with my second I have lost about 7 pounds......but all I do is eat!!!! I eat right before I go to bed and I get up in the middle of the night to eat. I just never feel full. I have been sick either so why I haven't been gaining weight for as much as I've been eating is a mystery to me. Actually I'm happy!! Just saw my OB last week and she said everything is fine with the baby and since I did the same thing with my last pregnancy it's no concern really. Every woman and pregnancy is different....as long as your baby is fine....enjoy it!!! It's so much nicer when you're 40 weeks pregnant and have only gained 20 pounds because you won't be able to imagine carrying around any more weight!!! Best Wishes


noams - August 7

No need to worry I was the same, I did not put any on untill around week 17-18 My doctor said in is normal for a woman not to put on weight in the first trimester. If you are worried try and add a few extra serves of fat( goot fats) like nuts or olive oil. As long as you are eatting the good foods your baby will be getting the nutrition it neads to grow. I am following the eatting plan in a book " what to expect and eat when you are expecting " it is great and has loads of info on weight gain.


Janet - August 26

I feel as you do girls , I am 32 weeks prego and only 3 lbs on. The doctor said the baby is developing normally. My first baby was 10lbs... 2 weeks early c-section and I only gained 20 lbs. I am an overweight lady, so if the doc isn't worried then i might as well not be. Think less to lose.



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