16 Wks Can I Colour My Hair

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Michele D - January 11

I am in my 16th week. Is it dangerous to colour your hair if you are pregnant? I asked a pharmacist and then said no, but I would like to be sure. thx


Cyn - January 16

From what I know, it's best not to have any chemicals treated to your hair during pregnancy. Hair coloring itself is toxic so it's best to avoid.


Sheila - January 16

It is not recomended because of the chemicals and stuff - but I know a few women who coloured their hair while pregnant, and nothing bad happened to them. I am not sure what I am going to do, my roots will be getting pretty bad soon!


jane - January 21

I am a hairdresser who continued to work until my 34th week & coloured my hair during my 1st pregnancy & my baby was & continues to be at 18 months, extremely healthy. I have coloured many pregnant womens hair & never heard of anything bad happening to their babies as a result. There are many "off-scalp" colouring techniques, such as tipping & foiling, if you are still concerned, you should ask your colour about these techniques.


Kelly - February 14

From what I have been told, it is best to wait until after the first trimester before coloring your hair


daisy - March 2

I been told,that is better to wait until the second or third trimester to color your hair.


Tracy - April 2

I am only 7 weeks pregnant and I am due for my colour & cut in a week. I usually get my hair done every 8 weeks or so. I have been reading alot about this subject and want to know more opinions. What should I do?


J - April 5

My hair stylist (who I trust) said that the whole idea that hair coloring is harmful began b/c some women in the first trimester get really nauseous due to the odors. Like you, I was still worried about the risks; asked my doctor and he said color away.


raye lynn - April 5

i decided to cut my hair short when i found out i was pregnant. all of the color grew out so i wouldn't have to dye it. it grows so fast with the prenatals, but i was surprised to see all the grey at 29!!! i am very glad i did it. it seems like such a ha__sle to color while pregnant. i kinda like my hair now.


Heather - April 7

I was told to avoid it in the 1st trimester. WIth my first pregnancy I had my roots touched up twice after my 1st trimester and I have a healthy beautiful little girl.


Kim E - April 14

My Doctor, who is very conservative, asked me to wait until after the first trimester. I have not decided what i will do yet but I may do foil highlights like I've done in the past. I died my hair back to it's natural when we were ttc so I would not have to worry about roots in the first trimester.


nichola - August 12

i have been researching this a lot, i myself am 19weeks pregnant and just about to get my colour done. it's only recomended that you avoid it in the first trimester.


kim - August 19

but what if you bleached your hair in the first trimester already????


Samantha - August 22

I have been told that it is ok if you highlight you hair...Just not to dye your whole head. Which is why a lot of celebrities will dye their hair back to their original color when they find out they are prego or if they are trying! :)


Suzy - August 23

My doctor told me that coloring your hair or getting your nails done will not affect the baby at any trimester of pregnancy. You are probably inhaling more dangerous chemicals just being outside with all the air pollution.


dani - August 24

Go for it, it's safe. A lot of dr's are saying just wait until your 2nd trimester.....mommies have to look good too...lol.


Aliya Holland - August 25

I looked into this - while there is nothing conclusive the general consensus was that if you are going to - avoid doing it on a regular basis, and avoid stuff with High % of peroxide. There are some good natural dyes on the market - try www.spiritofnature.com



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