Ab Exercises

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mel - May 14

This may be a stupid ? but I am 5 weeks pregnant. Can I still do ab exercises is should I stop?


J - May 17

depends who you talk to. Some people totally stop exercising including sit ups, etc, when they're preg. I'm now 16 weeks, and still go to gym and use weight machines. Ask your dr (mine said "no exercise limitations" in first trimester, which I took as okay to work out). But, you want to avoid reps that make you hold your breath, which stops flow of oxygen and blood. I recently stopped using ab machines b/c it's hard to use them w/out holding your breath. Also want to be careful about lying flat on your back later in pregnancy. Overall, i scaled back my workouts....i lift less weight, allow for more rest between reps.


Stacey - May 17

I'm no expert, but I am also 5 weeks pg with my 4th child. I would never even consider doing ab excercises. I use my cross-trainer, bike, walk, and use arm weights on a regular basis.


Jen - June 14

I am currently 26 weeks with second child and continued doing ab work for most of the first trimester. The only reason I would skip it was due to morning sickness. I am very glad I did because it helped keep my weight gain steady. I stopped when I could no longer do a complete crunch. I now just do some yoga along with arm and leg toning. Pay attention to how you feel and don't push it. You won't be necessarily be able to do the same amount of reps as you did pre pregnancy.


Melissa - July 12

I was told by my doctor and trainer that ab exercises are completely safe during the first trimester. After that you should avoid doing them because of the muscles seperating in your stomach.


Angie - July 13

My doc told me not to even worry about that until the 16th week. He said it was fine. The only thing he didn't want me doing was rigorous mountain biking (which wasn't a problem for me ha!) I would just suggest you call your OBGYN if you are concerned. They can give you that info over the phone



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